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Tips for Choosing the Right Gymnastics Gym for Your Kid(s)

Just think - you have decided to enroll your child in a gymnastics class and are ready to begin their gymnastics journey but have no idea what to look for in a gym. Choosing the right facility for your new gymnast can seem like a daunting choice, especially since each gym can offer a different experience for your child. With over 4,000 gyms in the US alone - the choices seem endless. Here are a few tips that may help guide you to the gym you are looking for. 

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  • Take a moment to research the gyms in your area and take a look a their mission and values. Some gyms focus a strong philosophy on learning the basics of skills and drills while others may be more play based learning. Different children respond better to different learning techniques - and there is a gym out there that fits them best! 
  • Location location location! When your gymnast is starting out, it will most likely be only one class per week for about an hour. Look for a gym that is fairly close to your home to lessen the commute time to and from practice.
  • Check out the programs and classes offered at the gym. There are many different types of programs that gymnasts can participate in like toddler/preschool classes, tumbling classes, developmental classes, and more! The gyms will be able to give you more information on the types of classes they offer and how they structure each class.
  • Meet the coaches for the classes available to see if it's a good match for your gymnast! Coaches play a large role in the class - they lead it! If your new gymnast loves her coach, then she will look forward to her time at gymnastics each week. 
  • Overall, make sure your gymnast loves her gym. The main goal of gymnastics is to have fun. Parents love to see when their gymnast is excited to put on her gymnastics unitard each week and get ready for an hour of pure fun! 

There is a gym for everyone! Gyms are always available and willing to talk to new gym parents and answer any questions they may have. Once you decide on your gym, Destira will be ready to help outfit your gymnast for her first class with our high-quality, trendy gymnastics apparel!