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How am I Limitless? A Talk with Destira Star, Claire Stutzman!

People dream big at all stages of life. It does not matter if you are 5 or 55 - your dreams can become a reality! 

Destira Star, Claire Stutzman, is a 7-year-old who dreams of becoming a fashion designer! Claire is currently a level 3 gymnast from Connecticut who loves all things creative. She has already started working hard to achieve her goals by learning to sew, designing on paper, and translating it into real life for herself and her dolls. 

Claire Stutsman in Limitless Leotard
Why does Claire want to become a fashion designer? She said she loves the fun and different patterns, plus she loves the process! Once she sketches and colors her designs on paper, she dreams of sewing them on her own. Claire’s interest in fashion design started during the pandemic when Claire, her big cousin Jane, and their Beema (grandmother) would Zoom together while designing. What a fascinating family hobby to pass down! 
Claire sewing at her sewing machine
Sewing her designs is what Claire believes will be the most challenging part of her journey. We know that Claire will be just fine though - she is already starting to learn all about her own sewing machine! She takes the time to learn how to sew with her grandmother. “It’s really fun!” Claire says. “I like to sew my Barbies little pillows and me matching big ones.” 
Claire also recently has sewn her very first dress - plus one for her Barbie! Claire definitely has big dreams - and the ambition to reach them. She showed us her current dream designs - including gymnastic leotards. When we asked Claire if she thinks anyone can reach their dreams and goals, she wholeheartedly agreed that everyone has the potential to do it! “If I can, everyone else can too!” glowing star
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