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Unicorn Gymnastics Leotards

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Pure Magic

Trend Alert: our unicorn gymnastics leotards and mermaid designs are pure magic!

What do you think of when you hear the word magic?

  • Mythical creatures like mermaids and unicorns?
  • Iridescent colors that capture a rainbow?
  • Shimmering, glittering textures?
  • Enchanting worlds that spark your imagination?
  • Gymnasts that leap into the air and defy gravity?

At Destira, we think all of the above are pretty magical and decided to create a line of gymnastics leotards that pay tribute to the supernatural powers we see everyday in every girl who dedicates herself to gymnastics! Come and check out our collection of unicorn gymnastics leotards and mermaid designs, and feel the magic.

Magical Graphics

  • A lovely mermaid with glistening crown and scales, rocking her own salute
  • A beautiful unicorn rearing up, stars and sparkles swirling everywhere

Magical Colors & Textures

  • Exotic fuchsia
  • Cool, shimmering aqua with an iridescent pattern
  • Bold, sparkling turquoise
  • Yummy bubblegum pink
  • Lots of glimmering crystals and shiny stars for full magical effect
Mermaids, unicorns, magic!
Come and visit us at, where you'll meet your favorite, new leotards. There are so many amazing, modern colors and styles to see. At Destira, keeping you comfortable, confident, and satisfied is our main goal. We design each leotard with this in mind. Our leotards will inspire you to defy gravity and show the world the MAGIC! you have inside.