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Halloween Costumes & Inspiration

Boo! Did we get your attention? It’s time to focus on October’s big question: “What are you going to be for Halloween?” Destira has answers and we’re here to make your quest for that stand-out Halloween costume fun and, more importantly, so easy.

Even if you’re not looking for a costume and just want to get in the mood, a leotard from our Halloween Collection is a great way to add some Halloween spirit and sparkle to your routine.

You’ve probably seen our leotards in the gym. But let’s think outside of the box (umm… gym). Here are some ways our leotards can help you create your unique DIY Halloween costume:

Start with our dark-as-midnight Black Legacy leotard. Add kitty ears and a tail (don’t forget to draw on some cute whiskers). Purrrfect.

PRINCESS costume
So many easy options with this one. Start with sparkling Berry Legacy or Moon Shadow leotards. Add a tulle skirt and a glimmering crown. Accessorize, accessorize. Hello, Cinderella, Elsa, and Sleeping Beauty.

Start with our powerful Red Medal leotard. Add a gold tiara and cuffs (you can even make them yourself), and a short skirt. Go save the world!

Start with a leotard from our Patriotic Collection. Drape a gold medal  around your neck and sprinkle a bit of chalk dust on your hands for authenticity. Salute, fist pump!

Start with our glimmering Skeleton Ribcage leotard. Add black leggings (paint on leg bones for extra impact). Q: Why didn’t the skeleton go the party? A: He had no body to go with. Bwahaha!

You say that you want even easier, faster options? No problem. Start with a spine-chilling leotard from our Halloween Collection and simply add a floaty cape, wings or a whimsical hat.

But hurry. The Destira Halloween collection is only available for a short time. Then - poof - they will vanish like vampires at dawn.

And don’t forget to share photos of yourself in your Destira inspired costume. Nothing makes our day like seeing you fearlessly express yourself!