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United 2020 Fundraising Leotard

The major events of 2020 haven’t gone as we expected, but we’re still here to stand strong with our gym partners, athletes, and the national gymnastics community. 

Clubs across the country are showing their community spirit by customizing our iconic Defy Gravity leotard with their gym name or unity hashtag embellished in silver spangles on the back. 

Our Custom Team and Group Apparel program makes it quick and easy to design and sell these customized leotards, and we're hosting sales on, to make the entire process as easy as possible for each participating gym.

customize United 2020 gymnastics leotard

Why United 2020?

Pre-COVID-19, our 2020 I Can and I Will design was an inspirational rallying cry celebrating strength, big dreams, and unity for the gymnastics community during the run-up for the Olympic Summer Games.

Then, as the country began collectively sheltering in place, closing gyms, and postponing the biggest event in our sport, we saw that individual gymnasts were using the same Defy Gravity design on social media with a message of positivity, determination, and unity. We were inspired by the organic evolution of the mantra being used in this way—no longer about the 2020 Olympics, but about thriving through 2020's new challenges instead.

Our intention with this special offer is to use the Defy Gravity leotard, now renamed Unity 2020, to foster unity both across the gymnastics community, and within each specific club, with the standard front and the personalized back.  Through this bizarre, transitional time, we want to continue to build community among Destira, gym owners, and gymnasts and their families.

United 2020 Gymnastics leotard

Small Businesses Getting Creative Together

As a small business ourselves, we understand the need to get creative in order to survive this crisis. That’s why we’re offering this special leotard, as well as our Digital Proshop program, as means for gyms to collect revenue even as they are closed for an indeterminate amount of time.

For more information on this special custom leotard, please click here.

To learn more about our Digital Proshop Affiliate Program, click this link.

To get in touch with questions, or to start designing your gym's United 2020 leo, click the button below!


United 2020 is closed, but you can always design your own custom leotard. Fill out out Contact form to get started.