Welcome Back to Scrunchies: a 2018 Fashion Trend

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Welcome back, scrunchies! This beloved poof of elastic and fabric from your childhood is rushing back to popularity in 2018 in a big way. They are crowning models on the runway at New York Fashion Week events, modernizing the up-do’s and pony tails of popular celebrities, and being displayed at some of the trendiest hipster retail shops and upscale department stores.

Scrunchies come in an endless explosion of fabric options: velvet, holographic metallic, endless prints, and colors. Whatever your current fashion obsession may be, there is a scrunchie waiting to level up your outfit. So modern!

Scrunchies deserve the attention they are enjoying. Not only are they fashionably fun, they’re actually easier on your hair than elastic bands and clips. They’re so soft and won’t leave the dreaded crease after you shake out your pony tail. You can pull them out of your hair without damaging your precious strands. And they’re light and snuggly enough to keep on your wrist for those moments when you need to pull back your hair and jump into action.

Scrunchies mean business when they become part of your hair accessory collection. Update a high pony tail or add girlie touch to a low ponytail. Spin it around a high top knot ballerina bun. Tie off a low hanging fish tail braid. Make a half up, half down look pop. Hair styles love scrunchies.

And you knew it… Destira has your scrunchie obsession covered with our gorgeous, irresistible collection. Check them out here and give scrunchies a huge “Welcome Back!


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