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Destira's Easter Gift Guide 2018

Springtime with a Gymnast: The “Oh So Easy Easter Gift Guide”

Weren’t you just stewing corned beef and cabbage a few days ago and making sure to wear something green to avoid a pinch? Now you’re dying eggs at the kitchen table and rushing off to the craft store to buy wicker baskets and stuffed bunnies. It’s a joyful way to welcome spring, but you’re busy! We know how it feels to be the mom (or dad or grandparent) of a young gymnast: rushing to school, racing to gym practices and trying to fit in gifts that will make your family feel extra special. We invite you to take a break with a favorite beverage and let the understanding folks at Destira entertain you with our “Oh So Easy Easter Ideas Guide” for the gymnastics supporter!

The Easter basket and egg hunts are a cherished seasonal tradition. We at Destira love the chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and weird marshmallow chicks. “Bring ‘em on,” we say. But maybe you want to amp things up, to add an unexpected spin, to get a genuine gasp of surprise from your gymnast? Speak to her psyche by adding a “touch of Destira” to your Easter gifts this year. Here’s how….

  1. Add a totally fun 10-pack of colorful, irresistible scrunchies to her basket. They can be used most every day, and come in a rainbow of colors, textures and patterns. They are so sweet and cute: move over jelly beans. Your gymnast is sure to respond with a high five!
  2. You know those plastic Easter eggs you usually chalk full of sweet treats? How about fitting in a Destira gift card, scrunchie, or doll leotard instead? Imagine her glee when out pops a goodie that speaks right to her passion for gymnastics.
  3. Here’s an easy one: gather up the top of her Easter basket cellophane with a scrunchie. That little extra touch will remind her that you are her #1 gymnastics fan.
  4. As you know, gymnastics is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle of passion and commitment. Great nutrition is part of that discipline and adding in a few gymnast approved snacks to the Easter basket would be a thoughtful gesture. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:
    - a cute, little bag of nuts or dried fruit
    - dark chocolate squares
    - pumpkin and sunflower seeds
    - pouches of nut butter
    - jerky
    - roasted, seasoned chick peas and edamame
    - flavored popcorn
    - fruity flavored electrolyte drink tablets
    - energy bars and gels
  5. An adorable doll leotard can be rolled up and tucked into a plastic egg. For undeniable cheer, slip the doll leo on a stuffed bunnie for a sure win. So unexpected and fun! Team Destira flips over this idea.
  6. And going back to that Easter basket, a pair of Destira shorts are small and light enough to leap right in.
  7. And… (forward roll, please)… of course, what gymnast wouldn’t crave a new leotard from our “Pretty Pastels” collection? Here, you’ll find leotards and unitards drenched in pretty, cool, creamy pastel colors and patterns that’ll bring the fresh cheer of spring into the even the chilliest, late winter gym. Check out the collection here

Chalk up on spring inspired leotards, shorts, and more.

And that’s it! Springtime gift giving is fun and easy at Destira. Thank you for stopping by and spending time with us.