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2023: You are Limitless

2023 is a big year for Destira. We are celebrating 20 years of making your gymnasts' favorite gymnastics apparel - and we are bringing you along for the journey! 

Why limitless? The word quite literally means without end/boundless. At Destira, we consider not only ourselves, but our entire community limitless. Starting with Donna, Destira has been built from the ground up to where we are today. Adding in her daughters, Jodi and Jen, Destira is now a well-known brand worn by gymnasts across the world. 

Two Gymnasts in Limitless

Our goal is to show that each and every girl has the capability to do anything she sets her mind to. But how can we encourage them as a business? We have designed a brand new leotard that is meant to make gymnasts feel their best, most confident selves when wearing it. We want them to feel invincible when they step into their Limitless leotard like nothing and no one can stop them from reaching their highest goals. 

We sat down with Destira Designer, Alex, who created the Limitless Leotard to ask her a few questions about her inspiration and motivation for designing the latest give-back leotard by Destira. 

Destira Designer, Alex, Creater of Limitless

What does Limitless mean to you?

To me, the word Limitless is the feeling of living without bounds. It’s seeing a world full of opportunity that’s just waiting to be tapped into. 

What was the inspiration behind the design of the Limitless leotard?

I was excited to be given the opportunity to create a leotard that would celebrate and support Destira’s partnership with Girls Leadership. The goal was for it to be empowering to all girls, and that it would not only have a strong positive message behind it, but would also be stylish and fashion-forward. The word Limitless first came to mind as the feeling I wanted girls to have when they put on this leotard, and from there the design and colors began to come together. 

The triangular elements represent an abstract mountain leading up to the word ‘Limitless’ at the top right. For color, I chose bold blues and purples that fade out into a soft cloud-like texture mimicking the boundless sky. Together, these elements come to symbolize the limitless feeling of reaching the top of your own mountain, whether that be mastering a difficult new trick at the gym, or acing a challenging test. It’s truly amazing what we’re all capable of. 

What 3 words would sum up the design of Limitless?

Empowering, Motivating, and Inspirational

Designer Alex with Limitless leotard

The Limitless leotard is now available on! 100% of the profits from this leotard are donated back to our nonprofit partner, Girls Leadership. Girls Leadership is an organization that provides programming for young girls and their parents/guardians to help them learn the power of their voice through social-emotional learning. You can learn more about Girls Leadership at 

Want to share what limitless means to you? Email us at to share! 

You can shop the Limitless leotard today here!