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What Can Gymnasts Wear to Practice Besides a Leotard?

Did you know that gymnasts have more options than just leotards that they can wear to practice? While it is important that gymnasts wear close-fitting apparel for optimal movement during practice, gymnasts can wear more than just a leotard. Check out some other popular gymnastics apparel options below. 

Gymnastics Apparel by Destira for Gymnasts and Dancers of All Ages


Traditional leotard with sport shorts. Many gymnasts opt to wear a traditional leotard but also add a pair of sport shorts over the bottom for a little more coverage. Gymnastics sport shorts are a great option to add a little more color to your attire as well. Plus, they come in a variety of materials to match your favorite leotard as well. Shop Destira Shorts here. 
Gymnastics Unitard. Another option similar to the leotard with shorts is to wear a gymnastics unitard or biketard. This is a leotard with shorts attached to the body, usually in the same pattern or color as the rest of the piece. Many younger gymnasts find these to be very comfortable and easy to move around in. At Destira, we have a large selection of youth unitards that range from toddler sizes all the way to child large. 
Sports Bra + Shorts/Leggings. Sometimes gymnasts just are not feeling the leotard for conditioning or practice that day. They may choose to wear a sports bra with sport shorts or leggings during these times. They provide full coverage while also allowing gymnasts to be comfortable throughout their hours at the gym. We offer a selection of sports bras and leggings at Destira that are made with our high-quality fabric that gymnasts love. 

The most important thing is that your gymnast is comfortable and confident when she goes to the gym for practice. At Destira, we offer high-quality gymnastics apparel that is fashionable and fun for gymnasts of all ages. Shop for your gymnasts’ essentials today!