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How am I Limitless? A Talk with Destira Star, Khloe Battle!

The word limitless has a huge meaning - it is an infinite word. You can do anything - there is no stopping you! You have big dreams, aspirations, and goals in your life. 

We sat down with Destira Star, Khloe Battle, and talked about her dreams for herself and what makes her limitless. Khloe is an 11-year-old gymnast from Texas. She has big dreams to become a veterinarian!


Khloe in Limitless Leotard
We asked Khloe what she thinks when she thinks of herself as being limitless. She said that for her, “it's when your body and mind are telling you to stop but you keep going anyways”. As a level 8/9 gymnast, she knows that she can do anything as long as she sets her mind to it. 
Khloe is known by her family and teammates always to do the right thing. Her teammate shared her love for Khloe’s personality during the holidays when each teammate wrote notes to one another. She said that Khloe helps her to be a better person every day. Khloe is limitless in her own unique way, just like you are! 
According to the American Animal Hospital Association, on average, there are only 2,600 new veterinarians each year. Khloe knows that this will be a challenging, yet 100% doable goal for her. When asked what the most challenging part of the journey could be, she said knowing that there is a lot of math and science involved - but no worries, Khloe is great at those subjects! We know she can accomplish the schooling needed with no issues. Khloe dreams of attending Louisiana State University. She fell in love with the university during the gymnastics camp she attended last summer that was put on by the LSU Gymnastics team. 
Destira Star Khloe at LSU Gymnastics Camp 2022
Additionally, she knows that while there are many happy moments when being a vet, there are difficult times as well, such as needing to put a pet to sleep. Khloe’s mom, Laura, said “Khloe was there with her dad when we had to put our dog to sleep. She was so strong and supportive!” We believe that as a vet, Khloe would have a comforting presence to families going through sad times with their beloved animals. The Destira Team cannot wait to see the future Dr. Khloe Battle, DVM in action!

Are you interested in sharing your story of how you are limitless? Email us at and we would be happy to learn your story and share it with the community. 

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