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5 Important Gymnastics Safety Tips for Any Level

Gymnastics - a sport that can be tough on your athlete no matter what age. With skills that include flipping in the air, swinging around the bar, balancing on a beam, and so much more, as a parent you may be concerned about the safety of your gymnast.

Here are a few tips to ensure your gymnast is being safe during each practice, workout, and competition. 
Gymnast Practices In Her Sleeveless Gymnastics Leotard

Warm Up and Stretch Before and After Each Practice

Gymnastics is a sport that is tough on the body. It is important that gymnasts warm up and stretch before practice to loosen their muscles, warm up their bodies, and prepare for the workout ahead - not matter what level they are. After the end of practice, stretching helps cool down your athlete and prevents injury and soreness that can set in. Sleeveless gymnastics leotards are great for keeping your athlete cool throughout their warmup all the way through the cool down stretching. 

Spotting on Each Apparatus

Your gymnast’s coach will be there every step of the way for your athlete. She will not be throwing skills without the proper instruction to do it properly to minimize the chance of injury. It is important to remember to never attempt new skills without your coach present. Wearing appropriate apparel, such as girls’ gymnastics leotards, helps the coach spot properly throughout the process. As she feel more comfortable with the skill, her coach will begin to lessen the support of the spot gradually until she is comfortable and mastering the skill on her own! 

Use the Correct Mats

As soon as you walk into the gym, you know there are tons of mats everywhere! It is important for your gymnast to use the correct type of mat for her skills to ensure the safety of her landings.
Gymnast Practicing In Her Youth Gymnastics Leotard

Keep an Eye on Your Surroundings at the Gym

Remind your gymnast that she is not the only person in the gym. Remember to keep an eye out for other gymnasts and classes practicing around the gym, especially when walking from event to event or waiting for her next turn. 

If Feeling Injured, Tell Your Coach

If your gymnast begins to have pain anywhere on her person during practice, let her know to tell her coach know immediately! They can help assess what is wrong, determine a course of action, and prevent further injury from happening. 

While all of these are very important safety tips, we also want her to remember to have fun! Gymnastics is a great sport to express yourself while also challenging yourself. We can’t wait to see how far she goes! 

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