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What You Should Expect in Your Child’s First Gymnastics Class

The time is here. Registration is complete. Your new gymnast has her first gymnastics leotard and she is ready to go to her first gymnastics class! Here are some things you can expect from your child’s first class.
 Gymnasts with there Coach at The Little Gym Kalamazoo
  • Each class, whether you are starting with a Mommy & Me class with your toddler or your school-aged gymnast is starting her first developmental class, will start with a warmup! This includes both low-impact cardio and stretching to make sure your gymnast is ready to go for the rest of class. 
  • All gymnasts will start at the beginning. Your gymnast won’t walk out of her first class ready to throw a round off back handspring on the floor - but she will be working on forward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands. As your gymnast masters each skill, she will begin to learn more advanced skills. 
  • In a first class, your child may have the opportunity to try each of the four events; vault, bars, beam and floor. The majority of the time will likely be spent on a floor exercise in a tumbling circuit set up with mats and drills.  If spending time on bars or beam, your child will use equipment adjusted lower for their level and start with basic skills like walking on the beam or hanging on the bars and build from there.
  • Often, in first gymnastics workouts, time is spent playing in the pit or on the trampoline.  Both of these apparatus encourage balance, strength and body control and awareness, and usually are the most celebrated rotation in classes because they’re the most unstructured and fun part of the session. 
  • Your gymnast will never be left alone! Gymnastics can be a dangerous sport - but coaches are trained and prepared to help your gymnast every step of the way. All skills will be spotted and watched in the beginning to ensure your gymnast is practicing the proper form to minimize the chance of injury. Wearing the proper gymnastics apparel will help make sure that coaches can spot your gymnast properly - so be sure she is wearing her favorite leotard (with shorts if that is more comfortable) or unitard to her classes. 
  • Hydration is extremely important in any sport. Your gymnast will have plenty of water breaks to make sure she is hydrated enough throughout practice. Most gyms will have water fountains or coolers available, but you can also bring your own water bottle from home! Wearing gymnastics practice outfits will also help keep your gymnast cool during her class.
Gymnastics Practice Wear by Destira Leotards
  • At the end of practice, it is important that there is a cool down session - just like there was a warmup! Not only will end-of-practice stretching signify the end of class, but also tell your athlete’s body that it is time to rest and recover. 
  • The most important thing to expect at your gymnast’s first class - for her to have FUN! Gymnastics is a sport filled with moving, rolling, tumbling, and turning. Coaches work hard to make each class both fun and educational to keep your gymnast progressing forward while having an amazing time! 
There you go - now you know what to expect from your gymnast’s first class! Your gymnast will be cartwheeling around the house in no time. Shop our leotards including toddler sizes today to get your gymnast ready to class! 
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