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My Father's View: a Tribute to Dads & Daughters Everywhere

Wishing our dad and all the dads out there a very Happy Father's Day 2019 from Destira! 

It's Jodi and Jen here!  We're here to share a little about our dad to celebrate dads everywhere through our post.  Our dad's influence on our lives is immeasurable - his positive spirit and relentless competitiveness, his drive to be the absolute best he can be, and his friendly, extroverted ways, have all had a huge role in shaping our confidence, ambition, tenacity, self-esteem and interpersonal relationships. Dad has always been obsessed with health and fitness.  Whether riding his bike across the country, boxing in his garage, hiking the hills of Los Angeles, or rowing in his kayaks, he takes any sport to the extreme with great discipline.  He definitely instilled the importance of self care, living and spreading importance of healthy eating and exercise so we could each individually and together be our best selves.  At Destira, our family values, that my mom and dad instilled and lived by, serve as the core values of our company. 

We strive to broadcast positivity and empowerment through our mission, vision, values and company culture, as well as our messaging and products every single day. Similar to the way our mom and dad nurtured us to believe in ourselves and support and uplift others through teamwork and optimism, we lead each day at Destira with this same belief and work to empower girls and our team and all those that love them.  We work hard to find time for ourselves for sport, exercise and healthy eating through passions of gardening, yoga, hiking and swimming.  Gymnastics, just like dad, ingrained in us that with hard work and the right attitude, anything is possible.   I can still imagine Dad videoing us, and cheering for us from the stands at gymnastics meets calling us 'ice lady,' in his humorous way of encouraging us to stick (freeze) our beam routine! :)    

Starting and growing a company has required an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit. Mom started Destira when my sisters and I went off to college, and now Jodi, mom and I run the company together - Dad has always been a positive support from the sidelines.  We asked Dad two weeks ago if he could share what Destira means to him so we could share his perspective with you.  The tone and the positivity is so dad! 

Dad, we love you and are grateful that we have you as our role model.  Thanks for sharing what Destira means to you!  Love,  Jen and Jodi

"Jen and Jodi, my Destira champion daughters,
A few quick thoughts on what Destira means to this dad......

(And I am certain that if I had more than a day I could probably come up with a lot more.)

From the days you were born my goal was always to raise healthy, assertive, independent, free thinking and free spirited women and guess what; that is exactly what happened.

Fortunately for me Destira was never a money making business I had to rely upon. It was a vehicle for mom to spread her wings and prove to herself her value as an independent woman that did not have a formal business education. I think mom has surpassed this and is on her PHD in business. Destira and mom have been a source of pride for me because of the joy it brought my wife.

Fast forward a number of years and now Destira has three owners and is providing an income and sense of pride not only for mom but for you two girls. As a dad my greatest joy is to see the interaction and growth of you girls with each other. You all bring different skill sets to Destira but all have the same core values. Total honesty, integrity, a spirit of cooperation, and most importantly love for each other. There are always challenging moments and at the end of the day love makes it all work.

I am a happy dad because of the relationships and bond and closeness that Destira has helped foster. I do not know of any other family where this closeness exists. Destira has helped provide that common bond.

I am so blessed to be able to be with my family in San Carlos, Tiburon and Portland. Time has only made it better and I really believe Destira has helped to create this dynamic.

I am so proud that you guys are still putting yourselves in a position to fail and to succeed.