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Beach Conditioning for Gymnasts

gymasntics leotards

Here are 10 conditioning ideas you can take to the beach!

It’s that time of year again! Competition season is over, school is out for the summer (or about to be) and the beach is calling your name! It’s so important to take time after season and let your muscles recover from the daily wear and tear of our sport. It’s also never a bad idea to give your hands a chance to rest and those rips some time to recover! And where better to do that than on vacation?!

We know taking a vacation from the gym can be hard to do for our dedicated Destira Stars; but remember that it’s always good to give your muscles a little R &R! And… if you really can’t stay away, we’ve comprised a list of 10 great exercises you can do at the beach to help keep you in top shape for your return to the gym!

Running on the sand can be incredibly efficient cardio- training. Your body expends more energy running through sand rather than on hard surfaces and that boost in cardio will help you keep up your endurance throughout your routines back in the gym. Try going for a minimum of 10 minutes and see how you feel!

Swimming against a wave or in a current will force you to use almost every muscle you have, while being gentle on your bones and joints. If you’re a strong swimmer this can be a huge benefit in keeping your strength up.

Walking Lunges
In gymnastics we sometimes call walking lunges “mountain climbers.” Try 3 sets of 10 on each side and you’re sure to feel a burn!

Long Jumps
Often called “bounders” in gymnastics, long jumps on the beach are a great way to condition your legs. With your feet shoulder-distance apart, plie and jump forward. Try to extend your legs all the way straight and move forward as much as possible. Bend your knees upon landing, absorbing the impact. Repeat x10.

Burpees are hard enough on a spring floor. We’re challenging you to try doing them on the beach! The resistance of the sand will only help to increase muscle-gain. Start by lying on your stomach and push-up into a plank position on your hands. Immediately jump your feet to your hands in a “squat” and then stand up. For increased difficulty switch up the stand with a stretch jump! 3 sets of between 5-10 reps.

On a beach towel or in the sand you can work your abs! Lie on your back on your towel and hold the top end with both hands. Plant your feet firmly on the other end of your towel. Sit up holding the back of your towel and then roll back down slowly (think one vertebra at a time). Repeat X 20.

Beach Volleyball
Volleyball is fun and gives you a great workout. You can improve muscle strength and tone, coordination and balance. Enjoy as long as you like!

    Plank Hold
    A simple but efficient exercise to do. Use your towel and push-up on either your forearms or hands, making sure to keep your hips tucked under and legs tight. Try to do 3 sets of 30 seconds each.

      Alternating lifts in a plank position
      On your beach towel push-up into your plank position. Extend your right arm forward and your left leg backwards. Hold this shape for 10s and then switch sides. Try 3 reps of 10s holds on each side to work your abs and balance.

      Beach chair arm dips
      Make sure your chair is planted firmly in the sand. Walk your legs out in front of your chair bend your knees, creating a 90-degree angle. With your arms on the arm rests bend them, sending your elbows backwards. Try 3 sets of 10!

      We hope you all get to enjoy some R&R this summer! Let us know your favorite conditioning exercises to do while you’re away from the gym to keep you in top gymnastics shape!