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Destira Donates & Jewart's: Funds for Villebois Fire Relief

Gymnasts know the value of supportive teammates both in and out of the gym, as Jewart's Gymnastics NW in Wilsonville, Oregon recently demonstrated when a devastating fire damaged and destroyed homes and possessions in the city's Villebois neighborhood in April 2019.

The owners, athletes, and families of Jewart's Gymnastics NW were quick to mobilize support efforts for their neighbors affected by the fire, demonstrating exemplary dedication to community.

While the Jewart's community pitched in with meal deliveries, direct donations, and more, Jewart's also partnered with Destira to create a custom leotard to show their love for Wilsonville and also raise money to help the families begin their recovery after losing homes and possessions.

We worked with Jewart's to design a simple, quick-to-produce leotard that sparkles with community love for Wilsonville, and then donated a portion of the purchase price of each leotard to Villebois Fire Relief Fund.

The fund is still accepting donations via Go Fund Me. As of the time of this writing, Destira is proud to be the largest single contributor to the fund, which was raised almost $17,000 to help cover insurance deductibles and temporary housing expenses.

Great big thank you to Ben and Amanda Jewart for inviting Destira to partner with you on this fundraising project and for inviting us to your end-of-the-year celebration to deliver the leotards to your athletes and their families!

Want to learn more about the people and programs of Jewart's Gymnastics NW? Check out their website or Facebook page.

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