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Celebrate YOU-S-A May Be Over… But We Will Always Celebrate Destira Gymnasts

What a fun summer we had with our Celebrate YOU-S-A fundraiser! We spent the summer months celebrating the everyday gymnast - you - while raising money for programming for our nonprofit partner, Girls Leadership.

Victorious Fundraiser Collage


Destira and Girls Leadership have a shared mission: to support girls in their leadership journey by teaching them to identify and celebrate their strength, wellbeing, and power of voice.

$5 of every Victorious leotard purchased was donated directly to Girls Leadership to sponsor a new workshop for gym coaches and owners. This new program - the Brave Space Groundwork Workshop - is intended to equip coaches and gym owners with lessons, instructional practices, and mindsets to create ‘brave spaces’ for their youth to feel confident expressing themselves in and out of the gym - spaces where girls feel seen, valued, and supported as powerful leaders. Learn more about the Brave Space Groundwork Workshop here.

Learn more about Girls Leadership and our newest fundraiser - All Kinds of Powerful here!


Just because the summer fundraiser is over does not mean that we will stop celebrating YOU - our everyday Destira gymnasts! Keep submitting your wins, challenges, and stories on social or to so we can share and celebrate along with you! ✨


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