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Celebrating the Journey of Every Gymnast - Meet Leslie!



This summer we have so much to celebrate. We’re seeing friends and family that we’ve been apart from for too long. We’re working out inside again, with our friends, coaches, and teammates. And we’re feeling so inspired by the journeys of the world’s elite gymnasts and the unique paths that led them to the very top of our sport.

As we get ready for the Summer Games we’re celebrating the journey of every gymnast — Not just their highest highs, but also the practice and commitment and failure and trying again that’s lead them to where they are today. 🎉

We know every girl is a superstar in the gym, including Leslie! Leslie joined the Destira team recently as a part of our Celebrate YOU-S-A Fundraiser. After a great day of shooting the video, we asked Leslie a few questions about her gymnastics career. See what she has to say below!

  • What are your favorite memories of your experience shooting with Destira?
    • I loved that I could share my skills, it was a little nerve wracking, but the Destira team was so nice and helped me through the nerves. 
  • What is your favorite part of being a gymnast?
    • Learning new skills and moving up in levels. I love that feeling of working real hard for a skill then when you get it... it’s a great feeling. 
  • What is your favorite gymnastics event and why?
    • Bars, I love bars, I get to fly. I’m also really strong, so bars sometimes come easy, so I get to do big skills. 
  • What skill are you most proud of?
    • My full. I kept over rotating, wasn’t sure if I was going to get it, but I did! And on the floor within the same week. 
  • What is your dream skill to master?
    • A double back dismount off bars. 
  • Why did you start gymnastics?
    • My mom said I had a lot of energy and I was grossly flexible. She put me in gymnastics when I was young and I didn’t want to leave. It starred as a class to get my energy out and turned into my most favorite thing. 
  • What is your favorite gymnastics memory?
    • Taking 1st on bars and Floor at state for level 5, and taking 2nd on Bars and 4th Overall at Regionals this past season as a level 7. It was bittersweet, I really wanted first and just missed it... excited for next year!
  • Who is your biggest inspiration?
    • My mom. She always makes sure I have what I need. She is my biggest fan. She does a lot, my older sister is special needs, and I have a 3 year old sister, but she makes sure I get to practice and to all my meets. She also was a college athlete, so I know she knows what she’s talking about, even when I don’t want to listen. I love her, and I love that she always tries to keep me positive even when I’m hard on myself. 
  • If you could name a new skill, what would you name it?
    • The Leslie, not sure what that would look like, but how cool would that be?

We cannot wait to see you perform in the future, Leslie! 💥 Thank you for participating and sharing your experiences with us.

Do you want to share your story with Destira? Email us at! We would love to celebrate and share your story! 💕

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