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Celebrating the Journey of Every Gymnast - Meet Leah!

Every gymnast has a journey. The journey is different for each girl. We are celebrating the journey of each gymnast - the wins, the failures, the commitments, and everything in between. Whether you are celebrating practicing in the gym again, seeing your teammates, or mastering a new skill for the upcoming season, the Destira team is here to celebrate your journey with you! 🎉


As we celebrate the biggest event in our sport, the Olympic Games, we are excited to share the excitement and inspriation we feel with our community. For our Celebrate YOU-S-A Fundraiser, we met with different gymnasts to talk about their different experiences in gymnastics. Leah, a level 5 gymnast, was not only excited to share her amazing skills on each apparatus, but also her biggest inspirations, aspirations, and accomplishments during her time as a a gymnast. 
Leah shared some more in depth insights about her experiences. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Leah’s favorite part about shooting with Destira was being able to show off her aerials! 🤸‍♀️ Way to go, Leah! They were beautiful! 
  • Leah’s favorite part of gymnastics is competing! 🥇
  • Her favorite event is beam. She likes working on new skills and mastering them! Like when she got her back handspring, back handspring on beam - what an accomplishment! 
  • She is looking forward to mastering her front tuck.
  • She started gymnastics because her parents noticed that she was very flexible. This has led to her favorite gymnastics memory of competing in State for the first time as a Level 4! 
  • Leah’s biggest inspiration is Simone Biles. She is inspired because Simone has accomplished so much that no one has before, such as her roundoff, back handspring, double pike on vault! 
  • If Leah gets the chance to name a skill after herself, she would name it The Curry.
Leah - you are a superstar in the gym! 🌟 We are looking forward to continuing to follow your unique journey as a gymnast! 

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Looking for a way to share your journey? Email us at! We are looking forward to sharing and celebrating your journey! 💖