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Celebrating the Journey of Every Gymnast (and a July Fundraiser!)

Shop the Victorious Leotard

This summer we have so much to celebrate. We’re seeing friends and family that we’ve been apart from for too long. We’re working out inside again, with our friends, coaches, and teammates. And we’re feeling so inspired by the journeys of the world’s top gymnasts and the unique paths that led them to the very top of our sport.

This summer we’re celebrating the journey of every gymnast — Not just their highest highs, but also the practice and commitment and failure and trying again that’s lead them to where they are today.

Three happy girls dancing in leotards and shorts on a solid yellow background

Destira and Girls Leadership — and YOU!

We’re still celebrating the massive impact with the Together We Can campaign, and we want to do it again as we Celebrate! this summer, fundraising for our new partner Girls Leadership.

Headquartered in Oakland, CA, Girls Leadership is a national nonprofit that teaches girls to exercise the power of their voice through programs grounded in social emotional learning.

They offer programs for girls, workshops for families, and professional development training for teachers, guidance counselors, and non-profit staff — and we’re working together to develop programming for coaches and gym owners, too. 

The Victorious Leotard

Left image: the back of a girl wearing the Victorious red, white, and blue USA leotard and adjusting her ponytail. Right image: Destira CEO Jen Atkinson with her three daughters wearing the Victorious red, white, and blue leotard.

Our best-selling style, Victorious, is the centerpiece of this summer’s fundraiser. It has a sporty, contemporary feel that is 100% USA. But we’re not just celebrating the world’s top gymnasts this summer. We’re also celebrating YOU, and the journey of every gymnast.

These iconic leotards are in stock to ship right away, so you’ll have them in plenty of time to show your support for the US’ top gymnasts in July, and year-round.

Throughout the summer we’ll be celebrating you, celebrating the top gymnasts in the world, and celebrating Destira’s empowering partnership with Girls Leadership.

Shop the Victorious Leotard!

Celebrate YOU-S-A! National Fundraiser

We Want to Celebrate YOU!

You are powerful.
You are brave.
You are resilient.
You are a leader.
You inspire us, so we’re celebrating you.

The best of the best in our sport started just like you. They started in preschool classes, or not until they were ten. They started with admiring gymnasts on TV, and wanting to fly too. They started with a first day, a first try.  

They started by learning how to do the splits, and then the super splits. Like you, they learned a cartwheel, and then an aerial, each skill building on the next. A back walkover, then a back handspring. A full twist, and then a double. 

One day they could climb the rope half way, and then to the top. And then with no feet.

The best of the best in our sport remembers her first pullover, and her first kip. Her first flyaway. Her first giant. Just like you do. Just like you will.

We’re celebrating every gymnast, just like you, just like the greatest in our sport. 

This summer we’re celebrating the gymnasts and coaches, the parents and teammates — Where you have been, and where you’re going. Share your story below, or email us at

**Gym Owners, sign up to participate in this summer’s fundraiser and earn money for your programs, too! Learn more and sign up here.