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Destira is Proud to Partner with Girls Leadership

We want to introduce you to a new Destira Partner, Girls Leadership.

Destira + Girls Leadership Logo

Headquartered in Oakland, CA, Girls Leadership is a national nonprofit that teaches girls to exercise the power of their voice through programs grounded in social emotional learning.

They offer programs for girls, workshops for families, and professional development training for teachers, guidance counselors, and non-profit staff — and we’re working together to develop programming for coaches and gym owners, too.

A group of seven girls wearing Destira leotards and shorts on a solid bright pink background.

Why Girls Leadership?

We at Destira envision a near-future wherein strong, self-empowered athletes feel confident in assuming leadership roles during their time in gymnastics, and beyond. Every item we deliver is backed by empowering messages about friendship, positivity, and being yourself, but we know that there is more to developing your child’s confidence and leadership skills than their gym apparel.

For nearly 20 years, Girls Leadership has been working to understand and address the internal and external barriers to leadership for girls, teaching the skills at the foundation of a person's voice, leadership, and power, as well as the social norms that can hold girls back.

The sport of gymnastics brings so many valuable lessons and skills to our athletes beyond the awe-inspiring physical feats of the sport. We are so excited to be partnering with Girls Leadership to extend and deepen our actions toward empowering girls, by encouraging and facilitating access to Girls Leaderships’ researched and tested programming to the gymnastics community, and by working together to develop customized curriculum built for the gymnastics environment.

Two young girls wearing the Funtastic leotard and unitard, and holding a doll wearing a matching leotard on a solid sky blue background.

Learn More About Girls Leadership

Girls Leadership offers a free Parent and Caregiver webinar, Raising Resilient Girls at Home. You can register right now at their website is packed with valuable content for every empowerment ally. Check out one of our favorite blog posts, on celebrating small wins, something we at Destira practice at the beginning of every team meeting: