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Celebrating the Journey of Every Gymnast - Meet Elliott


While the 2020 Tokyo Games have concluded, the Destira team is still celebrating the journey of every gymnast! We know the hard work, dedication, and passion it takes to be a gymnast - whether you are in recreation classes or competing as an elite gymnast. 

During our Celebrate YOU-S-A Fundraiser, where $5 of every Victorious Leotard sold is donated to our non-profit partner Girls Leadership, we met up with different gymnasts to learn their journey. We are concluding our Celebrate series with Elliott - a Level 8 gymnast at Rigert Elite Gymnastics. She is inspired by her teammates and coaches, but she inspires us with her determination and love for the sport! We loved learning more about Elliott after the video shoot when we asked her some more in depth questions about her journey. See what she has to say...
  • What are your favorite memories of your experience shooting with Destira?
    • My favorite memory from working with Destira was working on the beam. I really enjoyed beam because it is one of my favorite events.  It was also fun being videoed on beam & other events, all the Destira staff were super awesome to work with & made the entire shoot exciting. 
  • What is your favorite part of being a gymnast?
    • My favorite part about being a gymnast is that I get to see my friends and coaches every day. I also love that it's teaching me not only gymnastics skills, but also life skills. I also get to feel proud of myself when I learn something new or push through mental blocks on skills.
  • What is your favorite gymnastics event and why?
    • My favorite gymnastics events are bars and beam. I really like beam because it's really fun for me to uptrain and I love overcoming fears on this event. I really like bars because lately I've been making a lot of progress and I'm really proud of myself for that.
  • What skill are you most proud of?
    • I’m most proud of getting my giants back because it was a big struggle for me after being out of gym for so long due to quarantine. Now I am gaining confidence and making progress every day.
  • What is your dream skill to master?
    • My dream skill to master is a toe shoot to handstand because it's really fun and I would love to be able to compete it this year.
  • Why did you start gymnastics?
    • I started gymnastics when I was very young because my mom wanted me to be active. She also had me doing many other sports but gymnastics is the one I stuck with because it was the one I enjoyed the most.
  • What is your favorite gymnastics memory?
    • One of my favorite gymnastic memories is getting a 9.7 on floor and not expecting it! It was amazing to see my score come up and have so many people be excited about it, including me!
  • Who is your biggest inspiration?
    • My biggest inspiration is Simone Biles.  She is such an amazing person and athlete, her ability to do the things she does and still admit that there are mental struggles at her level is truly inspiring for those of us that experience things like that in our gymnastics.
  • If you could name a new skill, what would you name it?
    • If I could name a skill I would name it the Johnson, because that is my last name!

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