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Inside Destira: Post Olympic Chatter

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games have concluded and the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games are underway! The 2020 Tokyo Games were unique, exciting, and one for the books! Between sports like surfing or sport climbing making their Olympic debut, athletes like Simone Biles making conscious, safe decisions regarding their performance, and many records made - there is a lot to unpack! 

We talked to the Destira team about memorable moments, favorite sports, and favorite all-time Olympians. Take a look at what they said below. 

What was your favorite part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?
  • I loved seeing the families watching from home and being able to watch the athletes reactions and emotions post events online.  It’s nothing like being together in person, but it was great NBC did the best they could to show the athletes emotional support systems at home. - Jen A., owner at Destira
  • Everyone being able to come together after Covid for the 2020 Olympics. - Braylee O., Account Manager
What was your favorite event to watch?
My favorite event to watch was climbing. This was the first year it was included in the Olympic games and it’s awesome that it’s getting the recognition it deserves. I am an amateur rock climber myself and love how well-rounded of a sport it is. Not only does it exercise you physically, but also mentally - challenging your strength, technique and problem solving skills. It’s definitely harder than you’d think so I have so much respect for the athletes who make it look so easy! - Taylor C., Ecommerce Manager
What is your #1 Olympic moment of all-time?
Kerri Strug has got to be the most memorable Olympic moment for me. She tore the tendons in her ankle on vault in her first attempt, and she somehow managed to stick her second vault, landing on her one good ankle, helping Team USA win gold. It was intense! - Jodi S., Owner at Destira
What Olympian inspires you? Why?
It’s been incredible to watch Allyson Felix compete this year. She’s so grateful for the experience with her teammates, and I’m so proud of her for continuing to train and perform at this top level after having a baby. Truly incredible. Go mamma! Mom strength big time!! - Jen A.
If you were to compete in the Olympics, Summer or Winter, what sport would you compete in?
  • Diving!  It seems incredibly freeing to have the confidence and control and body awareness of a diver!  I also would love to be part of a team sport like volleyball – Coming from a background of individual sports like swimming and gymnastics,  I often drift into ‘what if’ day dreams of being on a team sport.  My favorite part of every day is my Destira team, and I think I would have enjoyed collaborating and competing within a team too.  Not to say I didn’t love my swimming and gymnastics teams, but its different to depend on your team mates to actually compete.  I don’t think being 5’3” would really serve me on the Olympic volleyball team though. - Jen A. 
  • I’ve always been amazed by Olympic divers. To have that kind of focus and dedication is very inspiring. I cannot imagine jumping off the high dive the way that they do! I am so afraid of heights! So it’s so fun to watch them compete. - Krystal W., Director of Marketing
  • If I could complete/win any event, it would be the 100M dash – who doesn’t want to be the fastest person in the world!? - Jodi S. 

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