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Celebrate Being a Gymnast, Celebrate Being YOU

Hi! Janine here to share another one of Destira’s Core Values, the fourth in a series as we use them to guide and ground us through this…weird (at best) time.  This week we’re featuring BE YOU — one of our values that really resonates with me. 

Be You for Destira means that everyone is invited to bring their whole selves to work every day, and that—more than respecting each other’s differences—we appreciate those differences and draw on them to make our team and our work better. 

The goal is to nurture a safe and supportive environment where everyone can be their authentic selves every day, so that we can share that awesome feeling with our customers and communities through the work that we do.

When I joined Team Destira almost a year and a half ago, I made the transition back to full-time work for the first time since becoming a mother.  Rather than encourage me to separate out some of my feelings and focus only on my new job, Jodi invited me to talk about my family and this big change for us in the very first hour of my first day of work. She invited my whole self into our office, and that made me feel at ease. 

I don’t want to leave the rest my life at the office door, and I don’t want my coworkers to have to do that either.  Be You acknowledges that we’re all different, and it encourages us to celebrate and learn from those differences. 

gymnastics friends destira leotards

Celebrate Being a Gymnast

In the spirit of being your most awesome authentic self, too, we’ve complied a list of ways that being a gymnast totally rocks.

  1. We’re flexible. Many of us can do splits, and some of us can even touch our toes to our heads. Whichever you can do, know that it’s super impressive because flexibility takes A LOT of practice.
  2. We can jump high and run fast. With abilities like these, we know we make a great asset to team sports in gym. After they see just how high we can jump, teammates will be proud we're on their team!
  3. We can “zone in” on anything. We have to concentrate hard—really hard—to pull off some of those moves, and even if we don’t realize it, this ability to concentrate is also paying off in school.
girls gymnastics leotards comfortable
  1. We get to wear leotards! Sure, ballerinas get to wear them too, but they usually cover them up with tutus. Not us! We sport the leotard just as it is, and we get to pick from a lot of cool colors and prints. It’s a great way to express ourselves!
  2. We know how to reach for our goals. We set out to conquer that back handspring, and we finish our homework despite the time we put into conquering that back handspring. We set goals, and we get things done.
  3. We know how to have fun. We have a good time, even when we’re working hard. We laugh with our friends at practice, and we make time to hang out outside of the gym.
  4. We’re dedicated teammates. Teamwork makes the dream work, and we know how to support each other’s dreams with the same care and and enthusiasm we give to our dreams and goals as well.

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Celebrate Being You!

You are more than the sport you practice—just like I am a mother, and a Project Manager, and a cyclist, and lots of other things, too. In true Destira spirit, take a moment to consider all of the unique things that make you, you.
We’re proud to offer a variety of leotard styles for any mood—which one expresses who you are today?