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Destira + Girls Leadership: Power of Voice

There are many influences in our world today. Who says that you aren’t? Who says that your young gymnast isn’t? Every girl has the power to be a leader in her community. When she knows the power her voice can carry a message. We want to help her feel confident and empowered to continue being a leader, become a leader, or know that she is capable of being a leader of tomorrow. 

Destira + Girls Leadership Power of Voice Fundraiser
Destira is partering with Girls Leadership, a non-profit organization that teaches young girls the power of their voice through social emotional learning, in an effort to continue providing instruction for gym owners, gymnastic coaches, and parents to help teach their gymnasts how to feel confident expressing themselves - in and out of the gym. 
We want gymnasts to know that their voice, their opinion, their words matter. The Brave Space Groundwork Workshop hosted by Girls Leadership is intended to equip coaches and gym owners with lessons, instructional practices, and mindsets to create ‘brave spaces’ for their youth to feel confident expressing themselves
Destira and Girls Leadership have a shared mission: to support girls in their leadership journey by teaching them to identify and celebrate their strength, wellbeing, and power of voice. We find that one of the best ways to empower young gymnasts is when they can bring their confidence into their local communities.
We have created two new styles for our Winter Fundraiser: Power of Voice and Future Leader. 100% of proceeds are being donated directly to Girls Leadership and their Brave Space Groundwork workshop. We are continuing to work to empower the young leaders of tomorrow each day. 
We asked our Desitra Stars and their parents a few questions about leadership, how to lead, and what it menas to be a leader. See what they have to say below! 

What Does It Mean To Be A Leader? From the Destira Stars

What Does It Mean To Be A Leader? From the Parents of Destira Stars


Want to share your answers on leadership? Email them to and we will add them to our post and on social! 

You can pre-order the Power of Voice and Future Leader leotards through 1/30/2022. You can shop the All Kinds of Powerful leotard and grip bag today!