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What Does It Mean To Be A Leader? - From the Parents of Destira Stars

Destira is partnering with Girls Leadership, a non-profit organization that teaches young girls the power of their voice through social emotional learning, in an effort to continue providing instruction for gym owners, gymnastic coaches, and parents to help teach their gymnasts how to feel confident expressing themselves - in and out of the gym. 

Destira + Girls Leadership New Year Fundraiser 

Destira and Girls Leadership have a shared mission: to support girls in their leadership journey by teaching them to identify and celebrate their strength, wellbeing, and power of voice. We find that one of the best ways to empower young gymnasts is when they can bring their confidence into their local communities.

We asked the parents of our Desitra Stars a few questions about leadership, how to lead, and what it menas to be a leader. See what they have to say below!


  1. What does it mean to be a leader?
  • Being a leader to me means taking the right route instead of what may appear to be the easier route, and guiding others when they need it. Sometimes it’s easy to just worry about oneself but it’s always better to help others out even when you don’t have to. - Laura, mom of Khloe
  • Being a good leader means leading by example, even when nobody is watching. They put others first, consider others and aren't afraid to do what needs to be done themselves. It means creating future leaders. - Nora, mom of Nina
  • A leader is someone who helps others reach their goals. Someone who cares about the success of others, supports them, and cheers them on. -Esmi, mom of Isabella
  • Being a leader means being responsible and supporting others. - Leah, mom of Grace B.
  • A leader is someone who steps up both with their voice and their actions to show others how to live or work. In gymnastics, like all things, it is so important to have girls in the gym that can lead with their actions as well as their voices. Girls that work hard everyday and focus on their technique and do their assignments fully so that the others will follow and do the same. - Amanda, mom of Ava
  • A good leader is comfortable accepting the responsibility to guide those around you. Using your voice to stand up for what you believe in, and giving others a platform to do the same. Helping others to feel confident in attempting new things, express their ideas,or face new challenges. A good leader can help others to reach their full potential through encouragement and support. - Layne, mom of Norah
  • A leader is someone who can recognize  that there are many ways to do things, everyone’s opinions matters. A leader should know that their way is not the only way. There is no “ I “ in team. - Mary, mom of Nayeli
  • Being confident in your actions, treating others as equals, and as Stella said, leading by example makes for a good leader. Words mean nothing if there is no action behind them. - Araceli, mom of Stella
  1. How do you encourage your gymnast to be a leader in her day to day life?
  • I always tell Khloe that life is made up of choices and it’s her right to choose what she thinks is best, but to know she has to stand by that choice. She also knows that encouraging others and helping others will always make you feel good inside, and that is never a bad thing. Most importantly say hello to everyone. If you see someone sitting alone go join them. Be a friend. Be kind and most of all be yourself. - Laura, mom of Khloe
  • I encourage Nina to be a good leader in her day to day life by encouraging her confidence and kindness, and doing my best to be a good leader myself. - Nora, mom of Nina
  • I remind Isabella everyday that she is an amazing little girl. I hype her up and fill her mind with so many positive thoughts, that when doubt starts to set in, she hears me telling her she can do it. I hope that one day she is able to tell herself all the things I’ve planted within her.  - Esmi, mom of Isabella
  • I encourage my gymnast [Grace] to not follow the crowd. If others are not on-task, to be the gentle reminder of what is expected of them, and to do the right thing even when no one is watching. - Leah, mom of Grace B.
  • Ive alway told my daughters it’s ok to be different. Don’t follow. Lead. Standout. If you do not like the way others are doing something then show them with your actions and results why doing things the right way is good. Be positive and kind, Motivate through your efforts and consistent hard work. - Amanda, mom of Ava
  • We encourage Norah to always stay positive and lead by example. Some days or workouts will be hard, and a negative attitude is contagious. So we remind her that everyone has tough days, and maybe her positive work ethic and encouragement will be the push that someone around her needs to lift them back up or make the difference in someone else’s day. - Layne, mom of Norah
  • I encourage her to be a good person, always respect everyone. To take criticism openly and turn it into something positive. You treat people with respect and you earn your respect. Always be modest and appreciate every moment. - Mary, mom of Nayeli
  • We encourage Stella to be confident in herself and to surround herself with likeminded friends. We have long talks at times and I let her discuss her feelings without judgement & offer guidance. We encourage her to be kind, and respectful of others, and to avoid conflicts. - Araceli, mom of Stella
  1. Who is your biggest influence? Why?
  • My biggest influence would probably have to be my mom because she always always exuded true selflessness. - Laura, mom of Khloe
  • My biggest influence has always been my parents. My Dad taught me to be assertive, confident, relentless and fearless. My Mom influenced me to be kind and caring. The combination of both has been an irreplaceable asset in my every day life. - Nora, mom of Nina
  • My mother. She had me when she was very young, and has worked so hard every day to give me and my brother the chance to have rich and fulfilling lives complete with every opportunity available. I hope to be providing my own children with the same. - Amanda, mom of Ava
  • I am influenced everyday in life by others all around me! Sometimes it’s a business women or celebrity using their platform to inform others about a cause and call for action. Sometimes it’s teachers, coaches, or even other parents in our community, stepping up to support those they might influence to positively impact the lives of others. Leaders don’t have to be famous or well known…we find them all around us in any group or setting! - Layne, mom of Norah
  • My biggest influencer is my father. He came to the USA, not know one word of English. He worked hard, went to school and learned English. He started his own business which was very successful  and let no one tell him he couldn’t do it. - Mary, mom of Nayeli
  • My own mother is my biggest influence. She has overcome so much with such grace, and is always putting others before herself. I do everything possible, at her age now, to make her life easier. - Araceli, mom of Stella


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