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What Does It Mean To Be A Leader - From the Destira Stars

Destira is partnering with Girls Leadership, a non-profit organization that teaches young girls the power of their voice through social emotional learning, in an effort to continue providing instruction for gym owners, gymnastic coaches, and parents to help teach their gymnasts how to feel confident expressing themselves - in and out of the gym. 

Destira + Girls Leadership New Year Fundraiser 


Destira and Girls Leadership have a shared mission: to support girls in their leadership journey by teaching them to identify and celebrate their strength, wellbeing, and power of voice. We find that one of the best ways to empower young gymnasts is when they can bring their confidence into their local communities.


We asked our Desitra Stars a few questions about leadership, how to lead, and what it menas to be a leader. See what they have to say below!  

  1. What does it mean to be a leader?
  •  A good leader sets a good example, is nice and treats people the way they want to be treated. - Nina S.
  • Being a leader is setting a good example for someone. - Isabella B.
  • It means you support, encourage, help others. - Grace B.
  • A leader who is responsible, loyal, helpful, caring, and nice to their teammates. - Ava M.
  • Being confident and supportive to others. It’s important that a leader makes good choices. - Norah F.
  • If you want to be a good leader, you should always lead by example. - Nayeli D.
  • A leader encourages others and is a good example. - Stella T.
  1. How do you try to lead on your team? In your gym? At school?
  • I lead games at school and warm ups at the by being loud when I speak, so everyone can hear me. I try to be positive all the time and be a good listener as well. - Nina S.
  • I try to be a leader in the gym by staying focused and cheering on my friends whenever I can. - Isabella B.
  • Tell my teammates 'good job' cheer for them, and when they are they are struggling, I talk them through it. - Grace B.
  • I try to lead by example. I try my hardest to stay focused on my assignments, work hard, and help my friends my friends when they need my help. - Ava M.
  • I try to lead by example through my actions: a positive attitude and helping others to stay positive. Showing up, Working hard everyday, even through the challenges. - Norah F.
  • I will ask my team what they would like to do to warm up first. It is important to take opinions from your team. We work together to make a great team. - Nayeli D.
  • I make sure to be kind to everyone and include others. - Stella T.
  1. Who is your biggest influence? What makes them a good leader?
  • My teammate Millie is my biggest influence right now. She's a good leader because she stays focused and is a good listener. She influences me to be a better listener too. - Nina S.
  • I really look up to Izzy and Jules at my gym. I love watching them work hard and it makes me want to work hard too, so I can be just like them one day. - Isabella B.
  • My mom, because she teaches people and I love her and she loves me. Grace M, because she is cool, and my coach Miss Kelly because she coaches us and she always wants us to do our best. - Grace B.
  • Laurie Hernandez and my Coach, Coach Dan. Laurie is so kind and has such a great attitude. Coach Dan is a great coach. He knows everything about gymnastics and works hard to help us get better everyday. - Ava M.
  • I look up to the older gymnast training elite in my gym. I always see them working super hard, everyday, and it reminds me that with hard work, maybe I can someday get there too. They’re also encouraging and supportive to me as a younger gymnast, celebrating my success and encouraging me as I try new, harder skills. - Norah F.
  • My mom is my biggest influence because she shows my how to be tough when I need to be and soft when it’s necessary. Like my dad says my mom is our corner stone. Without her our home will not stand. We lost my brother in a big car accident and my mom showed us how strong really means. She wakes up everyday to make sure that I go to practice, takes care of our family and never complains. She teaches us how to take life by the horn and life will always throw curve balls at you and you just need to learn how to hit them. -Nayeli D.
  • My mom is my biggest influence because she works hard and is nice to everyone. - Stella T

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