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We Did it Together + What’s Up Next

This year Destira raised more than $47,000 raised for USAG Regional Committees and partner gyms, through the sale of one very special, unifying leotard. We are so proud to be able to give back to our incredible gymnastics community, and grateful to you all for supporting the effort. 

There are still limited quantities of the Together We Can perfect tank available to purchase from These aren’t coming back once they’re sold out, so grab one while you still can. 

More Ways to Earn Money for your Gym

We know that many of the businesses that have been able to remain open have had to adapt. That’s why we’ve been developing new Destira programs to meet your new needs, and refining all of our traditional offerings as well, so that we’re prepared to meet our partner gyms and programs with easy, effective, fun solutions, whatever their current circumstances are.

Digital Proshop / Destira Affiliate Program: Easiest, fastest, lowest-risk way to earn money for your gym through gymnastics apparel sales. You don’t even need a brick and mortar proshop! 

You encourage your membership to purchase online from through your unique link,  and we share the profits. This is also a great way to compliment your in-store inventory.  

Learn more and register here.

Custom Pre-sales on Enjoy expert, personalized design services to create a unique and memorable garment for your group, team, or event. We create a product listing for your garment on and you promote the sale to your membership and/or event registrants, who purchase directly from our website. 

There is no upfront cost. We pay you the difference between your wholesale price and the retail price of the leotard at the close of sale, and handle all ordering, sales, shipping and distribution to individual buyers.  Learn more here, or let us know you’re interested by filling out this contact request form

We Still Can, Together

Some of the unexpected changes this last year has brought are here to stay. Destira is committed to continuing to evolve intentionally and compassionately, with and for our community.  Thank you for being here with us.