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What Gymnasts Must Absolutely Carry In Their Gym Bag

We know there are many gear-heavy sports. If you’re playing softball you will need a bat, softballs, glove, helmet, and more. Tennis requires rackets and tennis balls. But what does a gymnast need to carry? Take a look at some gymnast must-haves for your gymnasts’ gym bag. 


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  • Snacks: Gymnasts need fuel to perform at their top level. A snack between school and practice will fuel your gymnast and keep her feeling good throughout practice - whether it's a piece of fruit or a protein bar! 
  • Water: It is extremely important that your gymnast stays hydrated throughout her practice. Be sure to pack a reusable water bottle to keep her thirst quenched.
  • Grips: If your gymnast has advanced in her gymnastics journey, she may be at the point of using grips on uneven bars. Always remember to pack your grips and their accessories in your grip bag so that your gymnast is prepped for bars! If your gymnast is prone to rips on her hands and wrists, it may also help to carry a skin protectant, like Vaseline, to apply after cleaning the rip to keep it moisturized and prevent further cracking. 
  • Hair Ties or Scrunchies: It is important that your gymnast keeps her hair out of her face during practice. Sometimes a hair tie or scrunchie breaks or stretches out too much to be effective at this. Keeping an extra scrunchie in her bag is always great to have as a backup. Add a mini hairspray as well to keep pesky flyaways out of your gymnast’s face as well for an added bonus.
  • Deoderant: Gymnasts work hard each practice for hours on end. Keep an extra stick of deoderant in their gym bags for a quick freshen up either during or after practice. 
  • An extra leotard + shorts: You never know what can happen. Remember to pack an extra girls' gymnastics leotard and shorts just in case your leotard’s strap breaks or hole forms. 
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While gymnastics may not be a gear-heavy sport, these are things your gymnast will want to remember for every practice. Want to hear the best news - Destira offers oversized grip bags that are the perfect size to hold all of these items! You can shop our grip bag selection here. 

Do you have more items you like to carry to the gym? Let us know by emailing us at or sending us a direct message on Instagram @destiraleotards and we can add it to the list!