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Easy Ways to Improve Your Pro Shop Displays

We’ve been visiting clients and viewing pro shops for over 20 years.

It’s consistently the same mistakes we see being made:

  • There are different kinds of racks made from various materials.
  • Product looks cluttered and a customer can’t see the stores intention.
  • Hangers are mis-matched and product isn’t organized.

It is important to understand that a mismatched display is failed merchandising – our minds naturally seek out systems, patterns, and order.

Let us help you! Follow these steps to improve your gymnastics apparel display and increase your sales:

  • Racks: Look at a one-time investment in equipment that matches. Whether you choose wall-mounted gridwall, 4-way racks, table-tops, or shelving, choose items that match. Racks start at around $50.00, and a small investment will make a huge difference in the lifetime value of your shop.
    At Destira, we choose chrome for our racks that tie in nicely with white walls to create a clean, modern look in our shop.
  • Hangers: Upgrade your hangers! Every hanger should match in your store. There are high-quality acrylic hangers that are made out of reinforced plastic, and are typically sold in a box of 100 pcs. This is a one-time investment for a life-time of impact.
    Transparent hangers disappear on your rack and allow the colors of the leotards to shine. It will give your whole store an upgrade.
  • Organize by Color: When it comes to your shop, you want a coordinated look. Organize your racks by color so it’s easy for a customer to find what they like. Sort by color, then style, then size.
    • Color will grab attention.
    • Color can set a theme.
    • Color creates a calm environment.

Take a minute to consider the way you feel shopping in a well merchandised boutique or department store versus a discount or consignment shop. One of the biggest differences is color organization.Gymnastics leotard display with Desitra leotards, 2023

  • Shop by Collection: At Destira, behind each collection launch is trend research backed by our designers that give each grouping of gymnastics leotards a theme. Every piece in a leotard collection works together, so that our customers understand our vision without a lot of explaining. When you stock your shop, shop by collection to tell a story and make a bold statement in your shop.

With a cohesive grouping, you’ll notice the following benefits:

  • Increase in perceived value: a group of gymnastics outfits and accessories that look good next to each other seem more expensive than products that are all over the map
  • A marketing opportunity, ie: the launch of a Valentine’s collection
  • Increased sales per transaction because products within a collection work together; your customers will buy a leotard or two, plus matching shorts, and doll leotard or grip bag to make a complete gymnastics outfit.

You can also consider alternative products that work with your collection, that aren’t apparel related. We see sloth leotards sold with matching sloth stuffies, 4th of July prints sold with sunglasses, holiday leotards sold with gift wrap, etc.

Red holiday gymnastics outfits for girls' gymnastics by Destira, 2023

Pick and choose from these ideas to appeal to your customers, increase sales, and improve the overall customer experience in your gym. A beautiful display is synonymous with retail sales and an easy way to improve shop performance.

Have questions on how to make the most of your pro shop displays? We are happy to help! Email our team at!