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NEW! Destira Biker Shorts Have Arrived!

The number one goal for Team Destira is to ensure our athletes are confident, empowered, and comfortable when wearing their favorite Destira gear. 

We are so excited to announce a brand-new short that is being added to the Destira collection - Destira Biker Shorts! This third silhouette of athletic shorts is for the athlete who wants to add a little length to her shorts for practice. 

Gymnastics shorts with blue leotards for girls' gymnastics, Destira, 2023

The biker short is made from the same gymnast-favorite compression material as our sport shorts and roll shorts. It's as comfortable and snappy-looking as all Destira shorts but with added length for maximum comfort and coverage. 

In addition to our new biker shorts, we also offer our traditional sport shorts and our popular high-waisted roll shorts. 

Our traditional sport short is a gym short that sits comfortably at the hips. They are made from 3 different fabrics so that every gymnast is comfortable! 

Gymnastics outfits with gym shorts for girls, Destira, 2023

Our compression sport shorts are so popular that we have 8 different colors, including one with a camo foil on top. It is made from compression material that gymnasts rave about as it is soft yet tight-fitting so it does not move - whether she is on the floor, vault, bars, or beam!

We also offer our sport short style in our popular hologram material. Made with the same hologram material as our leotards, these shorts are the perfect fit for an athlete who craves a soft, comfortable short with an added shine! We offer our Mystique Sport Shorts in 7 dazzling colors!

You can also get our super soft, plushy velvet sport shorts for gymnasts who want to stay cozy during practice while never worrying about their shorts riding up. 

Our high-waisted roll shorts are the same length as our sport shorts but come with an adjustable waistband. Whether your athlete prefers the high-waisted look or would like to roll it down, it is a tight-fitting short that will not ride up, so she will always be comfortable and confident during her workouts. We now offer 4 different colors of roll shorts including neon pink and lilac! 

Destira short variations for gymnasts, Destira, 2023

No matter what length, fabric, or style your gymnast is looking for, we have it! Shop our youth sport shorts today!