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Fresh Air Workout for Gymnasts

gymnastics leotards outside workouts

With summer approaching and warm weather coming our way, why not take that home workout into the fresh air? Below are our ideas to bring some of your strength-building, cardio-pumping, balance-refining moves out of doors.

Jump-start your commitment to a fresh-air workout with these ideas from Destira:

  1. Run up a flight of stairs: we’re talking high intensity, glute-burning cardio with this one! Doing up and down home staircases works here, too—just be sure that your flooring is non-slip, free of clutter, and safe to run on.
  2. Ditch the mat and use the grass for your favorite yoga flow: downward dog is even better outside.
  3. Speaking of dogs, take your canine friend out for regular walks or runs. Frisbee, anyone?
  4. Do push-ups, single leg step ups, and triceps dips on a park bench.
  5. Find an incline and crush some hill sprints.

gymnastics leotards outside jump ropegymnastics leotards dance party

  1. Jump-jump-jump rope.
  2. Dance. It. Out.
  3. Use the sidewalk curb as a tightrope: walk backwards, walk heel-to-toe, side step.
  4. Cut loose from the treadmill: walk, run, or cycle on a safe trail.
  5. Plank just about anywhere. 
These are just a few ideas, we’re sure you have more. Get creative, impress yourself, and let us know what you come up with!

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