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Guest Post: Have Fun and Be Strong

Destira Star Stella shared this with us at the end of July 2020, when many were returning to gym after covid closures earlier in the year.  Stella’s writing is a perfect reminder of why we are here — passion for gymnastics and desire to support and empower youth is at the heart of what we do at Destira. Our work is for the young athletes who love the experience of being a gymnast. 

We’re here for all gymnasts like Stella and the folks who support them. 

My name is Stella and I am eleven years old and I live in Texas. I am glad to be back in the gym so I can get stronger.

I am currently training level 5/6, and I have been doing gymnastics for five years at ASI Gymnastics. 

I do gymnastics because it is fun.  My goal is much more than going to the Olympics, like everyone always thinks that’s what a gymnast wants.  

I just want to have fun and be strong.

I also don’t want to rush when I do gymnastics because I want to enjoy being in the gym. 

I don’t want to throw my skills to try to move to higher levels. I want to take time learning my skills so I can feel more comfortable and have better form doing the skill. 

Gymnastics is fun for me because I like flipping in the air and feeling the excitement of getting a new skill. I also want to enjoy the level I am at instead of trying to do skills I’m not ready for.

It is cool to see how hard work can eventually get you to your next level. Whatever level I am in I want to enjoy the whole season, have fun, and create memories. 
I like being in the gym because I have formed so many friendships with my teammates, and coaches.  

It is fun to get to do something of my own now that everybody has to be at home.
I don’t know when the season will start and I am ok with that because I just feel lucky to be in the gym at all. I hope to one day be a coach and help other gymnasts reach their goals.

I like being one of the big girls that the little girls at the gym can look up to because I remember being them too.

I will always love the sport of gymnastics.


Thank you, Stella! 💙🌟