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Gymnastics Summer Camp: What to Pack

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Summer is finally here and that means Summer Camp! A gymnastics summer camp is a great way to keep your gymnast fit and ready outside of practice season. But packing for a weeklong summer camp is a totally different task than an overnight sleeping party.
  • To calculate how much clothing your child will need, the general rule of thumb is one and half times the number of days they will be at camp. If it’s a 7 day camp, 10 days worth of clothes will be sufficient, but extra undergarments never hurt!
  • Wash all clothes and bedding before sending along, and be sure to mark everything with your child’s name or initials.
  • Before packing, be sure to read the camp’s guidelines, whether they have any restrictions on items brought, and what their protocol is on bedding. To get your kiddo excited about their summer camp, make packing a group effort and tell them stories about friends you made during summers as a kid.
  • If you think your child will be homesick, be sure to include comforts from home, like a stuffed animal, or paper with pre-addressed envelopes so they can write to you. Talk with them before they leave about the upcoming separation and let them know it’s normal to miss home.
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Here’s a list to help you get started packing for summer camp:

Packing list

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