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Staying Active Outside of Gym Practice

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If your gymnast won’t be attending summer sessions or taking part in a camp, you may be wondering how she will stay active while school is out of session. The great part about summer fun is that it doesn’t have to be structured. Instead of pushing a fit routine, try a few of these fun activities to keep your gymnast's heart-rate up this summer:


  • Hula-Hooping: A fun and silly activity that engages your torso, you and your gymnast can both have fun in the back yard with this one. It's simple, fun, and challenging!
  • Play Ball: A half-court for basketball can be easily established in your driveway and then the whole family can shoot hoops. Basketball builds bones, improves coordination, and burns about 200 calories in 30 minutes. There are various games that can be played with a basketball, it doesn’t have to be shooting hoops fast-paced. For instance, using chalk or tape, mark 10 different spots from which players have to take shots, and assign each spot a point value (the harder the shot, the higher the value). Each player gets 10 shots and can take them from anywhere on the court. The person with the most points wins.
  • Build an Obstacle Course: Build a course together and take turns racing each other through the course. What a fun way to condition and compete!  Not to mention, working together as a team to create such a course will build confidence and unity. Be creative and use anything from around the house or yard. 
  • Be active together as a family: Go for a long bike ride or walk after supper. Plan a hike for the weekend or go swimming together. Instead of making fitness a requirement for your gymnast, make it an event for the whole family!

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