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What Size Destira Leotard Do I Buy?

Trying to size a new gymnastics leotard for your growing athlete can be difficult, especially when you are buying online. No worries though - we are here to help! We have taken all of our knowledge on sizing and fitting your new Destira leotard and put it all in one place for you. Plus, we answer some of the most common questions that parents of gymnasts have. 

Destira dancers modeling dance leotards for girls, Destira, 2023
When you are sizing your child for their new youth gymnastics leotard, it is important to remember that our gymnastics apparel runs true to size as we follow national clothing standards. Because of this, we discourage using other leotard brands as a reference point as all brands size differently.
Since Destira follows national clothing standards in our sizing, the size your gymnast wears in street clothing, like at major retail brands such as Target or Walmart, is a great starting point, as it will align closely with our sizes. For example, if your child is wearing a youth size 8 in her favorite Target clothes, our child's medium gymnastics apparel should fit her similarly.
Our size chart has the most up-to-date information regarding our fit. We recommend measuring your gymnast and referring to the chart when deciding which size to get the best, most accurate suggestion. Each athlete’s build is different so you might find that some of your measurements don’t align perfectly. If you’re deciding between two different sizes, we suggest choosing the size that is closest to your athlete’s torso measurement as this is the most important one.
90s inspired gymnastics leotards, Destira, 2023

Here are some additional helpful tips for sizing your gymnast for her new Destira leotard:

  • Gymnastics and dance leotards and unitards are made to fit tightly so we suggest sizing up for growing room or if you want a more relaxed fit.
  • Keep fabric type in mind when selecting your size. Our hologram and velvet fabrics have a little less stretch than our traditional soft fabric, so if your gymnast is on the cusp of needing a new size, we recommend sizing up. 
  • Keep the style of the gymnastics leotard in mind as well. Some styles, such as our Double Strap Cami or Woven Back gymnastics practice leotards may fit a little differently than our Perfect Tank training leotards due to the straps. 
  • Please do not choose a size based on another gymnastics or dance apparel brand, as each brand runs differently. When in doubt, size to your gymnast's street clothing size.
  • If a new style is running a little larger or smaller fit than usual, we will let you know!
  • If you have been shopping with Destira for a while OR you have some awesome Destira leotard hand-me-downs, you may have noticed that our Junior (JR) size has been renamed to Child X-Large (CXL).

If you receive your new Destira gear and find that it's not quite the fit you are looking for, Destira offers FREE first time exchanges! So rest assured, if your athlete tries on her leotard and wants a smaller or larger size, you can follow our easy exchange process online and you’ll have free round trip size exchange, and the perfect fit guaranteed!

There you have it! Once you measure your athlete, choosing a gymnastics outfit from Destira will be a breeze. Start shopping for your gymnast today by browsing our best-selling gymnastics leotard collection!