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New Level 6&7 Vault Requirements

If you read our previous blogs on what to expect in Level 6 and Level7, you'll remember that the vault requirements have changed to include:
1) A front handspring onto a min. of two 8 in. mats
2) A yurchenko timer onto a mat stack
3) A tsukahara timer (1/4-1/2 twist on) onto a mat stack

In an effort to educate gymnasts, coaches, judges and parents; AGA Coach, JD MacDonald and the JO Women's Technical Committee put together a video of the new vaults with deductions included. All of the vaults you will see in the video were judged by the JO Women's Technical Committee. We are excited to share this video with our Destira Stars and hope it helps to educate judges, coaches, and athletes on what to expect this season. 

Credits to: JD MacDonald and AGA (American Gymnastics Academy, Signal Hill CA) for producing the video and to the JO Women's Technical Committee for producing the scores.