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November Customer Spotlight: Laura Battle

 As a family owned, small business, Destira values each and every customer. Our community, especially our customers, are the true face of our brand. We want to highlight our amazing community and those that stand behind our brand and products.  

We'll be showcasing our top customers on our blog with the most orders and product reviews to show our appreciation. This month's all star is Laura Battle and her daughter Khloe.

Here's is their story and what Laura shared with us.

Khloe has been doing gymnastics since about 6 months old. She took a break between 2-4 years old to try dance but her heart has always belonged to gymnastics!  We came back at 4 years old and never looked back! She moved to preteam at 5 and is now on level 4 and just turned 8. She is and has always been particular about the feel of fabrics and has a very particular style. 

A year ago we started googling holiday leotards and saw the popcorn leo for Halloween and decided to give Destira a try. Khloe instantly fell in love. She and I were obsessed with the thickness and silkiness of the fabric. It had lots of white but nowhere near see through! She wanted to wear it all the time so I started looking for more! 

We told our friends about Destira at Christmas so they could have themed ones for gym. It has created a domino effect among her teammates after they felt the fun festive fabrics!

I really became a supporter of Destira after noticing the quickness of email responses and the active presence on Instagram. It made me feel like they took a personal approach to my needs as a consumer and a sweet attentiveness to Khloes journey on Instagram.
As a huge advocate for family and someone who loves supporting local and family owned businesses I felt sure that Destira was a wonderful company to support! I have always received feedback from reviews I’ve given, instant email and phone attention for the 2 times I needed help, and was so surprised at how kind and helpful everyone I have spoken to has been!  

Thank you for being so kind and offering such a fabulous product! Khloe always loves any leo when she spots that little star on the left hip!