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We Want YOU to Write for Destira!

blog contributors needed write for destira

We want to add new voices to our blog! 

Are you into gymnastics and want to share your passion?  Are you a gymnast who has found new ways to train from home? Do you love fashion and want to share your opinions on gymnastics apparel? Are you a parent of a preschool age gymnast, a recreational gymnast, or a competitive gymnast and want to share your family’s story?  

This is a volunteer position, and you don’t need to be a writer or a blogger to contribute. Read on and reach out — we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Themes for Your Post

Below are some topics and themes we’d love to share about on our blog. It’s not an exhaustive list,  and we want to hearing your ideas too!

  • Share your experience as a gym owner, coach, judge, athlete, or supporter
  • Getting your preschooler ready for gymnastics
  • Commitment to becoming a competitive gymnast
  • Your experience as a coach, gym owner, gymnast, or parent in the context of the pandemic
  • How being a gymnast impacts your life outside the gym
  • How gymnastics has influenced your attitude
  • Mental agility taught through the sport
  • Influence of physical fitness on academics, or other parts of your life
  • Your unique gymnastics story
Destira is especially interested in submissions including underrepresented perspectives in gymnastics.

How it Works

  1. Get in touch with our team via the form below. 
  2. We’ll follow up to discuss the what and how of your topic in more detail. 
  3. Our editor will work with you to get your piece ready to post and you’ll sign off on the final copy.
  4. Your piece is published in our site and promoted on social with your name in the byline.

Interested? Start Here