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Ideas for Time Capsules and Journals

We’re reflecting a lot lately on this amazing time in US History, and in our place in the world, and we would love for you to join us in this time of contemplation. As part of this invitation, we’ve created a time capsule template just for you to capture some elements of your life during this significant time. What are you learning, how are you feeling, and what do you see on the horizon?

Benefits of Making a Time Capsule or Daily Journal

Time capsule templates are an easy and fun way to snapshot the moment for posterity. They create a unique artifact and reminder of this time, and would make an awesome addition to your journal. If you’re not already keeping a journal, may we suggest trying it out? In tough times, you can use your journal to document good news of families and community members helping each other, and you can use journaling to honestly write about any anger or fear you might be experiencing. A journal will never judge you, and sometimes it can even feel like a friend. Capturing your thoughts in a time capsule or journal can be a really powerful tool — like visualization or meditation — to help regulate your emotions and improve your sense of well being.

You might want to create a journal as a record of this amazing time in your life to share with your family, friends, or classmates. Or maybe your journal is just for you, because the act of writing out your thoughts feels good, even if you never look at it again. Maybe you’ll want to look back on all of this long after this is over. It’s OK if you don’t know yet what you want your journal to be. With practice, you’ll find out what your journal means to you.

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Journaling Styles and Ideas

There is no single “right” way to make or keep a journal, and your style and direction may change over time. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Use a workbook-style time capsule for prompts to answer (we’re making one for you; click to download), or create your journal free-form, with whatever comes to mind.

Your journal doesn’t have be addressed in the Dear Diary fashion if that’s not appealing to you. Your journal doesn’t have to be written using complete sentences, or even to be written at all!

Draw or paint your journal. Your art doesn’t have to be literal. What colors or shapes represent your feelings today? Or, what did your street look like this morning when you were out walking your dog?

Record a voice memo or selfie video and talk through what’s on your mind. Saving your recordings with the date in the file name will keep your digital journal organized.

Make a collage with cut or torn paper from magazines, newspapers, junk mail, or craft papers.

Walk around your home or neighborhood and take pictures. Add captions and you’ve got a photo journal entry!

Not sure what to record in your journal? Here are some ideas that may spark inspiration.

  • Track a goal and log your achievements. How many push-ups could you do at the beginning of the month versus the end? How often did you practice? Are you surprised by the pace of your progress? Working on even small goals will help maintain a routine and give you a sense of purpose and control.

  • Write down questions as you think of them. Leave space to write answers that you’ll find later from research or talking with friends, coaches, or family.

  • Make lists. What you miss most about gym, recipes you want to try, your favorite places to hike. You can keep as many active lists as you like.

  • Copy headlines or make notes on news stories that interest you.

  • Write a letter to your future or past self.

  • Write about one thing that you’re grateful for every day.. A lot of people report that gratitude journaling makes them feel happier day-to-day.

  • Share your journal back and forth with another person. You can tell a story together, or ask questions or share thoughts and feelings that might feel easier to write than to say aloud. You can share a notebook or paper with someone who lives with you, or create a digital journal exchange by writing emails or texts back and forth, recording a video chat, or exchanging selfie videos.

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Being Your Own Historian is Much Cooler than it May Sound

You’re living through history right now, and whether you want to document your experience for posterity or add another tool to your kit to think things through, creating a time capsule or a journal can do both! What is on your mind as we reflect on where we’ve been and make plans to act toward a better future together?

Download and Print Destira Time Capsule Pages

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