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Why We Wear Face Masks for Coronavirus

“This inexpensive practice, in conjunction with social distancing and other procedures, is the most likely opportunity to stop the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Renyi Zhang, Texas A&M Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and the Harold J. Haynes Chair in the College of Geosciences

Most of us are new to masks, and we’re learning and adapting together. Though cloth face masks are commonplace in some parts of the world both to protect the wearer from poor air quality and to contain germs in crowded public spaces, most Americans are more likely to think that masks are for surgeons, super heroes, and stagecoach bandits, than for us regular folk to wear to the grocery store, the gym, or on a walk with friends.

Wearing a mask may feel weird in the beginning, but we have an ever-growing body of scientific evidence that masks are one of the necessary components of keeping the virus from spreading out of control.

Destira decided to make masks as a way to help keep our both our business and our community healthy. Our Director of Design and Development spend weeks perfecting our patterns and finding just the right lightweight, tightly-woven cotton for maximum comfort, protection, and breathability. We weren’t first to the market, but we’re one of the best.

face masks for children

How Destira Masks are Different

Thankfully, there is no longer a shortage of face masks available to purchase. Here’s what makes our masks so good:

  • We offer two child sizes, for ages 3 and up. The shape of a toddler’s face is quite different from that of a seven- or thirteen-year-old. Our masks aren’t one pattern that’s either bigger or smaller. They are specially tailored resulting in a comfortable, secure, proper fit.
  • Soft, strong elastic straps over the head hold the mask in place securely, without irritation behind the ears. A secure and comfortable fit is less distracting and conducive to the longer wear times we expect to need for going back to school.
  • Our fabrics are fun to wear. No, face masks are not about fashion, but people — especially children — are more likely to mask up if they like the mask and feel confident wearing it. We’re all about expressing ourselves with our leotard designs, and our masks are no different.

face masks for family four sizes

How Face Masks Work to Slow the Spread

My mask protects you, and your mask protects me. One of the ways we know that coronavirus spreads is through respiratory droplets propelled out an infected person’s nose or mouth. Even when we talk at a normal volume, we are releasing these itty bitty droplets into the air. A properly-fitted cotton mask will, when worn correctly, contain most of those potentially-infectious droplets, so that we can say it, but not spray it.

“There's some evidence of protection for the wearer, but the stronger evidence is that masks protect others from catching an infection from the person wearing the mask.” We are masking for a friend, if you will.

You may be infected with coronavirus but not feel sick. We know that asymptomatic carriers — people who are infected but experiencing no symptoms — can spread a lot of infection, and we know that infected persons are most contagious in the days before their symptoms develop (ie, before they feel sick). This is why it is important that everyone wear a mask, wash hands frequently and thoroughly, and maintain physical distancing.

comfortable secure masks for kids

Health Experts Agree We Should Wear Masks

Change can be challenging and we have all been experiencing more change than expected over the last several months. Many of us feel eager to get back to gym, get back to work in our sunny offices, get back to the activities that we enjoy without feeling that we are putting ourselves and others at risk just by simply breathing. Masks help reduce the risk of spreading infection.

If you’d like to read more from the experts, here are a few links to get started:

Stay safe and kind, Friends. And if you'd like to order some Destira Face Masks, you can do so right here.