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Take Your Workout Outside: Outdoor Exercise Tips

Sunny days, bright skies, lots of laughter: we love easy-breezy summertime! But don’t be bummed that summer is coming to an end. You still have lots of time to GET OUTSIDE. You’re probably heading back to the classroom and the gym, so it’s even more important to keep going outdoors whenever you can. And we’re here to help you keep fresh air and open skies in your schedule.

We don’t think that being too busy should keep you from your goals. You may not have hours to splash in the pool or go for that 20 mile hike, so we need to be efficient. Why not take your workout outside? The transition between summer and fall brings mild weather with a crisp breeze, so there’s no better time of the year to bring some of your strength-building, cardio-pumping, balance-refining moves out of the gym.

Jump start your commitment to a fresh-air workout with these ideas from Destira:

  1. Run up a flight of stadium stairs: we’re talking high intensity, glute burning cardio with this one!
  2. Ditch the mat and use the grass for your favorite yoga routine: downward dog is even better outside
  3. Speaking of dogs, take your canine friend out for regular walks or runs. Frisbee, anyone?
  4. Do push-ups, single leg step ups, and tricep dips on a park bench
  5. Make your local playground your gym: we know that a gymnast can make use of those monkey bars!
  6. Find an incline and crush some hill sprints
  7. Stand on one foot perched on a tree stump
  8. Jump rope
  9. Jam out to music under the stars
  10. Train your balance by walking across fallen trees
  11. A grassy patch is the perfect place for floor exercises: Russian twists, mountain climbers, squats…
  12. Do chin ups on a tree branch
  13. Use the sidewalk curb as a tightrope: walk backwards, walk heel-to-toe, side step
  14. Cut loose from the treadmill: walk, run, or cycle on a safe trail
  15. Plank practically everywhere

These are just a few ideas, we’re sure you have more.

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