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Back to School VIBE

Have you noticed that brisk fall air? You know what that means, it’s back to school season! We could focus on notebooks, amped up schedules, and catching the bus – all the usual – but at Destira we tend to appreciate new perspectives. So, instead of focusing on backpacks and school supplies (though those are important, too!), we decided to look at this special season as an opportunity for renewals, resets, and rejuvenation.

It's a time for Destira co-owner, Jen Atkinson, to pause and reflect, too. Please take a moment to read her letter, we think it’ll get you in the mood to embrace the back to school season as a chance to renew your goals, friendships, and commitment!

Feeling INSPIRED is a big part of renewal. Inspiration gives you an undeniable burst of positive energy that causes an upward spiral. Our designers keep that in mind while they create our collections. You’ll see this thoughtfulness in our new LAVENDER COLLECTION. Lavender is huge in high fashion now. We are bringing our obsession with fashion and this peaceful, uplifting color to you.

We hope our collection inspires you to express yourself in new ways and feel reNEWed!