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The Many Benefits of Gymnastics for Young Children

Gymnastics is a sport for all ages. Some gymnasts start when they are young and in a Mommy & Me class while others start with developmental classes closer to the pre-teen years. While it does not particularly matter what age a child starts gymnastics, there are many benefits gymnastics has on young children. 

Gymnastics is Beneficial for All Ages

Gymnastics Helps Physically in Young Children

Not only is a gymnastics class a fun way for your child to let off some energy, but it helps children develop and work muscles, flexibility, coordination, and balance. The circuits used in many pre-school classes introduce fun ways to work on these skills. Your young gymnast will have a blast running, jumping, and tumbling

Gymnastics Help Develop Day to Day Skills

A child’s gymnastics class is a fun but also structured activity. Young gymnasts will work on their listening skills, learning to follow directions, learning to take turns, and even learning how to respect both their peers and instructors. These skills can be used in their day-to-day lives including at home and in daycare or school. 

Gymnastics Helps Build a Routine 

Children thrive with routine. It helps them anticipate what comes next and feel secure in what comes next. A weekly class helps young children build their weekly routine as well as gives them something to look forward to. They will know when she puts on her gymnastics unitard she is about to go have an hour of fun at the gym. 

Gymnastics Helps Build Confidence 

Gymnastics is a great way to boost the self-confidence of your young child. Whether they get a thrill when putting their girls’ unitard or jump for joy when they cartwheel for the first time, gymnastics is a great way for younger children to build self-esteem and continue challenging themselves to get better. 

Gymnastics is a great sport to help in the development of mental, physical, and emotional areas of your child. Be sure to check out your local gyms for the appropriate class for your young gymnast. You can help prepare her for her first class with a brand new girls gymnastics biketard from Destira! Want to share your gymnast’s gymnastics journey? Email us at!

Image by @pintsizedgymnast via Instagram