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Together We Can Leotard Means More

together we can leotard fundraiser gymnastics

Together We Can Build Community with Every Gymnast, Everywhere

THIS LEOTARD IS DIFFERENT FROM ALL THE OTHERS. It was designed with gymnasts, for gymnasts, and represents the heart of our sport.

Proceeds from the sale will directly impact your daughter, with proceeds going to your USAG Regional Committee, with funds allocated to athlete education. We're working with individual gyms and clubs to raise money for them through the sale of this leotard too.

Purchase this leotard and express the togetherness, resilience, heart, and spirit of gymnastics, as well as your athletes own determination and experience.

Find community by being part of the #TogetherWeCan spirit with your friends, your neighbors, and the larger gymnastics population.

The covid-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty and hardship to gymnasts and their families, owners and coaches, judges, and all of the related product and service providers that keep the world of gymnastics running. This has been hard for all of us. And while the pandemic has meant separation and isolation for so many, today we celebrate the power of what we can achieve together.

Together we can come up with solutions to big problems. Bringing our individual knowledge and varying perspectives makes our ideas stronger and more inclusive.

Together we can cheer each other on when learning a new skill. We build each other up even we struggle to try something new.

Together we can give back to every gymnast in the US. It starts right here.

Destira’s Together We Can leotard was collaboratively designed with our community, for our community, using empowering hand-written words shared by gymnasts across the country. It embodies the togetherness, resilience, heart, and spirit of our sport.

This leotard is an outreach mission to remind you that no gymnast achieves her greatest heights alone, and none of us is alone in this, either. We can lift each other up, and celebrate our dynamic community, together, during all of the kinds of times, and especially during the tough ones.

Together We Can Support Athlete Education

The Together We Can leotard isn’t only for raising spirits in the gymnastics community. The pre-sale of this unique leotard is also intended to be a massive national fundraiser.

When you purchase a Together We Can leotard for the gymnasts in your life, Destira will donate $10 to your USAG Region Committee (as determined by the ZIP code in the order’s shipping address).

Together We Can Leotard Pre-Sale is Happening Now

together we can fundraiser