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Trend Alert: Tropical Prep

Even though fall is approaching and everyone is settling into the back to school routine, you can still enjoy the summer time vibe with Destira’s Tropical Prep collection. It’s a fun fashion trend that works perfectly for this time of the year, when the sun still has a summery warmth and campuses are full of life. Let us break down this runway look for you!

Tropical Prep is where the Aloha spirit meets the button down cool of Ivy League style. Clean hues and crisp geometry combine with a laid back vacation mood to create a new look. It’s a point where unexpected things meet and mingle, and that’s the sweet spot where inspiration starts to grow. It’s a chance for personal growth every single time you go to the gym, and we hope our Tropical Prep collection keeps you INSPIRED to keep doing what you do.

Ombre Stripe Perfect Tank
Classic navy blue and white stripes shout out on our Ombre Stripe Perfect Tank. Neat and precise. Take another look and you’ll see a dreamy ombre fade of pink, periwinkle blue, and lavender. A vacation sunset over a tropical sea.

Royal Tropical Wrap Back
Tons of exotic foliage sway in the breeze on Royal Tropical Wrap Back. The color scheme screams Preppy with lots of deep pastels over a clean white background. And – surprise - prim and proper black and white trim march along the arms and neck.

Flippin' Flamingo Perfect Tank
“Crittter prints” are a Preppy staple and our Flippin' Flamingos Perfect Tank captures the mood in the best way possible. The repetitious pattern over a deep navy background is classic and refined. Zoom in closer and you’ll see itsy-bitsy dots, and pink flamingos confidently showing off their back flips, split leaps, and arabesques.

Tropical Prep style is unexpected, it’s an energizing surprise that we hope inspires you to try new things in and out of the gym. Check out our full Tropical Prep collection online!