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Pro Shop BOO-tique: Costume Headquarters


Soon you’ll be busy hanging up paper bats and cobwebs at home. Your resident party planner will be scouring Pinterest for cool ideas. Amidst all this buzz, don’t forget about checking in on your gym's pro shop! If it carry's Destira Halloween leotards, it can be an important spot to help inspire your gymnasts to get in the mood to express themselves through the perfect costume.

 Many gymnasts will be swept up by the Halloween frenzy. It’s a time when self-expression is embraced. It’s a time when this question is at its most tantalizing: “Who can you be?” And there are plenty of chances to show off their alter egos while enjoying classroom parties, parades, and trick-or-treating. It’s costume-obsession time.

Your gym may even be the coolest place to hang out during the 2018 season. Spirit Week, big parties with haunted houses, craft stations, an open gym format, and costume contests can transform your gym into this season’s headquarters. Who’s going to show up? A mermaid queen, a vampire bat, a sparkling skeleton? Your gymnast will forge many key friendships on the mat, and we all know that best friends often like to wear the same Halloween outfit. It’s all about the costume (and self-expression)!

While your gymnast is dreaming about that fabulous, boo-tiful outfit, head to your pro shop for inspiration. Destira is here to help with a full line of Halloween themed leotards. They may be hyper-graphic, but they live up to their Destira pedigree with premium fabrics and amazing fit. Each leotard is crafted in Southern California.

From pretty to ghoulish to funny, Destira has new Halloween leotards to fit every mood: Halloween Mummy, Cupcake Unicorn, Movie Popcorn, Pandicorn, Batty, Shimmer Mermaid, Spooky Black Cat, Super Hero, Creepin’ It Real, and Magic Fairy. And we brought back your favorites: Slime and Ribcage Skeleton.

Ask your gym's pro shop manager if Destira Halloween leotards are available. Or visit our Halloween Collection, have fun, and stock up while there’s still time. Quantities are limited so zoom over to our online shop before -POOF- Halloween leotards disappear like ghosts at dawn!