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Unique Fundraising Opportunities for Gymnastics Teams

As parents of gymnasts, you know that competitive gymnastics can cost more money than you may have originally thought. Many gyms have booster clubs that focus on fundraising money for their competitive gymnasts year round. They host a multitude of different events and raffles to help supplement competition costs such as team gear (like new tank leotards or girls compression shorts), meet registrations, and travel funds. 

Bothell Gymnastics Club Team Photo 
Here are some unique opportunities that your gym’s booster club can consider when looking to fundraise. 
  • Host a Pro-Shop Raffle: Sell tickets to all families in your gym, including those only in rec classes, and raffle off a complete gymnastics set to one lucky gymnasts! The winning ticket can receive a new gymnastics leotard, a new pair of gymnastics shorts, and maybe even a fun accessories like a doll leotard or enamel pins! 
  • Partner with a local restaurant for a Community Night: Many restaurants love to partner with other local businesses to help fundraise. Talk to local restaurants about hosting a community night where 10% of proceeds from customers that night go back to your team! 
  • Car Wash at the Gym: Summer is almost here - it is the perfect time of year for the gymnastics teams at your gym to host a car wash. All gymnasts can participate in washing the cars with their favorite leotard and workout shorts to beat the heat - and raise some funds! 
  • Fall Football Pool: Though summer is starting, fall is right around the corner. Prep a football pool for your community’s team and sell squares for each week’s games. It excites the community while also raising funds for the upcoming competition season! 
Fundraising is a great way to get your team those new leotards and gymnastics shorts they have been wanting or covering all registration fees for next year’s season. Now that the season is over - it is time to fundraise for next year! 
Cover Photo by @team.avant.coeur
Image by @bothellgymnasticsclub