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Celebrating Mother's Day 2022

Donna, Jen, and Jodi are our three owners, an awesome mother-daughter-sister team, each with three children each! Being a mom is a huge part of everything they put into Destira.

“Being a mom is the most rewarding role, and also one of the toughest jobs around. It takes patience, persistence, kindness, and loads of energy.  I couldn’t do it without my village of moms around me.  Mom friends from our kid’s school, friends of mine from college, high school or even growing up, and coworkers all positively impact my days, whether near or far.  Most influential, my own mom and mother in law, and my sisters, all incredible moms, help me be a better mom and best self, and for that I’m so very grateful.  

My husband and I couldn’t create the fulfilling life we have without the collective mom friendships, community and understanding - it takes a true village (almost like a net of support to catch us when we fall!). The unique bond and understanding of motherhood is part of the fabric of our culture at Destira, and weaves into our quality of service and craftsmanship of our goods.  

We are moms for moms, gymnasts for gymnasts, here at Destira!  We’re in this together and I’m so appreciative of the support off all the moms in my life and the moms that choose Destira too.  We celebrate and recognize all the incredible mom’s today and always!” - Jen, Destira owner

We are at one of our favorite times of year - Mother’s Day! Destira is a company founded on the belief that no matter what - family comes first. We are founded by a mom who for the great love of her daughters created a business from the ground up. Those same daughters who still today run a company that values family and love in all of the work that we do. 

This Mother’s Day, we talked to all of the Destira Team about their moms, what it is like to be a mom, and their hopes and dreams for their moms and children. 

Darcie, our Operations Manager, says her favorite part of being a mom is “watching my children navigate this world now as young adults is something that brings me so much joy, and sometimes sorrow, but ultimately a feeling of contentment that they are forging their own paths and trusting their hearts. Oh, and hugs.” 

Emi, our Assistant Sales Manager, says that she wants to make sure her mom know that she is her best friend! “I feel like I won the lottery! Seeing her become a grandma has made me love her even more, because I get to experience watching her interact with my niece and it brings back core memories of my childhood.”

Maddie, our Social Media and Communications Manager says that she wishes her mom “one day can understand the impact she has on people’s lives. She touches the heart of everyone she talks to and doesn’t even realize it yet, but I hope one day she can.”

We also asked for the Destira Team to share their favorite memories with their mom. Here is what they said! 

Krystal, our Director of Marketing and Consumer Success: “My mom and I share a love for the simple things. My favorite memories with my mother have always been grabbing a coffee and spontaneously heading out to shop or grab dinner. I moved from Phoenix to Portland 12 years ago and we really only get to see each other once or twice a year, so I make sure to call her every day so it feels like we’re in the same city. I miss those days when we could just get together, but now we’re making new memories by planning trips together as much as we can now that we can travel again.”

Emi, our Assistant Sales Manager: “I have too many favorite memories with my mom that I can’t just pick one! I would say it would be a compilation of all of the mother/daughter road trips we took together. I have 3 brothers, so it is always special being able to steal her away and have these trips with just the two of us.”

Braylee, our Account Manager: “My best memories with my mom are always LAUGHING” 

Maddie, our Communications Manager: “My senior year of high school, I convinced my mom to be a model in the annual Mother/Daughter Fashion Show during the Mother/Daughter Luncheon. I am the middle of 3 girls, all 3 of us went to the same school and had many similar experiences. We had always attended the luncheon, but never participated in the fashion show. We had so much fun picking out our outfits and getting ready together that morning. I even made her come up with a funny dance for the end of the runway with me. It is a small moment in our lives, but one I will forever cherish.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there today. Thank you for all of the work you do each day to keep us going. We are forever grateful to have a world filled with a mom’s love for her family.