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What to Wear With Your Destira Leotard

If you and your child are new to the world of gymnastics or dance, you may be wondering “What should they wear with their new leotard?” Proper attire, such as a leotard, is important to the sport as it allows for your young athlete to be safe and comfortable while practicing. 

Colorful gymnastics outfits for girls' gymnastics, Destira, 2023

Do gymnasts and dancers wear anything underneath? Do we need to be wearing something over the leotard? Worry no more - team Destira is here to answer all of your questions! 

There are some differences between what dancers wear with a leotard and what gymnasts wear with a gymnastics leotard. We broke down these differences between the two sports below. 

For gymnastics:

  • If your gymnast is working her way through Mommy & Me classes or toddler classes, and is still in a diaper, you can definitely keep the diaper on! Did you know that our toddler gymnastics leotards take diapers into account when sizing? Yep! diapers will be covered and secured in our 18 month- 2T sizes.

  • Many younger gymnasts will keep their underwear on when wearing their favorite practice leotard, but as they grow older, gymnasts tend to wear no undergarments when getting ready to head to the gym. 

  • As girl gymnasts get older, a sports bra is worn under the leotard for extra support when needed. We offer a variety of straps and different backs to match the different silhouettes on her favorite sports bras as well!

  • Gymnastics apparel and trends are always evolving. It is common to wear sport shorts or leggings to practice over your Destira tank leotards for extra coverage and maximum comfort. 

Colorful cat gymnastics practice leotard at the gym, Destira, 2023

For dance:

  • The leotards and undergarment trends are the same for both gymnastics and dance! It makes it easy to go from one sport to the next. 

  • Tights are common in dance, especially in ballet. Like all fashion, stocking trends are always changing. Some studios may require the tights to be worn under the leotard, but many dancers (if allowed) will wear them over the leotard. 

  • Skirts over your dance leotard are common for ballet classes. If your dancer is looking into jazz, modern, tap, or lyrical, sport shorts or leggings may be worn over the leotard for a clean look and maximum comfort during dance class. 

Black dance leotard with tights, Destira, 2023

Finding the right gear for a new sport can be grueling for parents, we know! Let Destira help you with all of your gymnastics and dance needs right here at Plus, you can qualify for free shipping on orders over $99! Shop today for your athlete’s complete practice outfit.