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Where to Buy Gymnastics Leotards for Toddlers

Toddler Leotards for Pre-School Gymnasts in Destira

Your little one has the gymnastics bug, so you sign her up for classes. But first you need to make sure she has the proper attire. There are quite a few differences between gymnastics leotards and dance leotards, and for all of the tumbling, balancing and floorwork she'll be doing, she needs a leotard with the proper support and coverage. Often at the end of a quarter or season, coaches will choreograph a routine for your gymnasts to show off their new skills. Parents, friends and family are invited to seasonal shows and performances. Usually leotards for these shows are purchased for the entire group or team. Destira specializes in sleeveless show leotards, which can range from costume, sparkle and shine, to sporty and athletic depending on the theme.

The chain retailers offer your run-of-the mill leotards; they lack the quality stitching and material necessary to survive a season full of practices. At Destira, we pride ourselves on differentiating our leotards, leggings and shorts from other suppliers in the industry by merging the latest fashion trends with gymnastics. We have customized leotard prints that are fun and fashionable for young gymnasts. Whether your toddler likes crystals and soft velour or prints of pineapples, flamingos or foxes, we've got the leotard that will make you and your gymnast smile. We use high quality, durable 4-way stretch Lycra's, mystique foils and velour fabrics.

Toddler Leotards for Pre-School Gymnasts by Destira

If you're questioning whether your toddler needs to wear a leotard, ask their coach or office manager. For most under 5 classes, it is actually not a requirement but rather a choice. You can also choose from a variety of unitards (sometimes called biketards) which are essentially leotards with shorts connected for a bit more comfort and coverage for a beginning gymnast. However, once you're ready to invest in professional gymnastics leotards, you want to purchase pieces that will last and won't lose their shape, support or color. Gymnastics leotards are more than bright colors and rhinestones. They're designed with a specific cut that stays in place, and constructed of a fabric that's conducive to movement. That's why it's so important to purchase a quality leotard.

Destira, a leader in gymnastics apparel, has been creating top-notch leotards for more than 25 years. We're a family of gymnasts, and we know what makes a high-quality piece that will last. We have the hottest designs on the market and are always ahead of the curve when it comes to sportswear fashion. All of our products are made in the United States - we design and sew our garments at our headquarters in California.

If you're worried about buying a leotard online without seeing how it fits first, don't be. Our leotards run true to size, so there won't be any guessing. And with our Perfect Fit Guarantee you can exchange for a different size and the shipping and handling is on us.

We guarantee you'll be satisfied with our apparel - it's a wonderful investment that will stand up to your daughter's training routines.


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